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Group for Actively Engage Society

Event Information

Public Lecture organized by Group for Actively Engage Society will be held annually as follows.

FY2022 Open Symposium for the general public

Date and Time: November 23. 2022, 13:00-16:10
Venue: Online
Capacity: 500 (please register in advance)
Fee: Free

Group for Actively Engage Society

Head Name Affiliated platform(s) , organization and title:
Co-investigator Kazuto Kato Platform for Advanced Genome Science
Professor at Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University


1. We offer consultation service about the ethical issues in the researches using human biospecimen, information and images.

  • We set up a contact form in the website.
    We accept consultations from four Platforms about ethical issues.
    We accept consultations and opinions from the general public.

2. We inform about ELSI (Ethics, Legal, and Social Issues) relating to techniques in life sciences.

  1. We disclose appropriate measures on the website for dealing animals, biospecimen, and information such as protection of the personal data, database structure, test animals and genetically modified organism.
  2. We provide links to the official website on the various laws and ordinances and provide simple explanations.


Platform of Supporting Cohort Study and Biospecimen Analysis

Advanced Bioimaging Support

Advanced Animal Model Support

Platform for Advanced Genome Science