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Advanced Bioimaging Support


Principle Investigator Junichi Nabekura
Director General, National Institute for Physiological Sciences
Keyword for Support Function General Support, Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, MRI, Image Analysis
Grant period FY 2022 - 2027
URL https://www.nibb.ac.jp/abis/

Advanced Bioimaging Support

Support Categories

General Support

Streamlining and Publicizing Support Activities In order to efficiently promote ABiS activities shown below, we facilitate a close coordination between users and support functions. In addition, we introduce our activities via our website, mailing lists, and exhibition booth at academic conferences, etc. We also survey the needs of researchers and reflect them in our support activities.
Image Database Construction The objective of this project is to build an integrated database to manage image data with metadata for the purpose of reusing and enhancing the value of image data. In collaboration with GBI (Global BioImaging), we plan to build a system that conforms international standards by participating in international frameworks such as the formulation of global standard image formats.
International Cooperation Activities We will collaborate with GBI (Global BioImaging) to organize training courses and workshops, as well as disseminate training courses and workshops organized by GBI. In addition, by participating in the EoE (Exchange of Experience, a working-level conference for exchange of opinions based on achievements and experiences) held annually by GBI, we will promote international collaborative activities such as collecting information on advanced imaging technologies at the most international level, and discussions on common global issues related to bioimaging.

Light Microscopy Support

Imaging Support Using Light Microscopy In addition to provide the cutting-age technologies using the advanced confocal microscopy, two-photon microscopy, light-sheet microscopy and super-resolution microscopy, we provide technical support by applying tissue clearing techniques, imaging sensors, and light-stimulation devices, which have been rapidly advancing in recent years and are frequently requested by users. We provide integrated observation techniques using instruments suitable for the species of the samples and the characteristics of the observation target, as well as advanced techniques for observing phenomena at various scales suitable for biological samples fixed samples with high temporal and spatial resolution, while taking into account the location of the user's university or research institute. Furthermore, we also provide support to manipulate biomolecules using optogenetic techniques and for acquisition of microscope images suitable for quantitative analysis of images in conjunction with image analysis support.
Light Microscopy Training Courses The goal of light microscopy training courses provides the fundamentals and methodology of fluorescence microscopy, which is necessary to analyze the dynamics of biomolecules in living cells through lectures and hands-on-training. Participants will be able to learn how to handle cells, use the equipment, and how to acquire and process image data through hands-on training using state-of-the-art microscopy.
Others Please feel free to contact us for possible assistance using techniques other than those listed above.

Electron Microscopy Support

Imaging Support Using Electron Microscopy Using advanced electron microscopy imaging technique, we support the observation of biological molecular complexes and cells at the ultrastructural level, observation of three-dimensional structures of individuals, tissues, and cells by three-dimensional scanning microscopy using FIB/SEM, SBF-SEM, and array tomography, and feature extraction using AI. We also support localization analysis of biomolecules in cellular microstructures using correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) and various immunoelectron microscopy methods. We provide advanced know-how optimized for each experiment suitable for the size and nature of the object to be observed and the resolution required, and provide support to meet diverse needs.
Electron Microscopy Training Courses For researchers who are interested in introducing electron microscopy technique to their own research, we will provide careful instruction on electron microscopy sample preparation and observation methods, including advanced freezing techniques and acquisition of data.
Others Please feel free to contact us for possible assistance using techniques other than those listed above.

MRI Support

Imaging and Analysis Support Using MRI We support clinical and basic research, focusing on diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), resting state, and voxel based morphometry (VBM), as well as support for MRI data acquisition from human and animals, parameter setting, and data analysis. In clinical research, we support image standardization mainly for the collection of patient MRI data in hospitals, as well as image analysis support, mathematical statistics support, and data collection support for individual projects.
MRI Training Courses With the aim of expanding the range of MRI research, we will hold tutorials for researchers and students who do not have sufficient brain image analysis skills. In addition to introductory lectures, basic knowledge of image analysis support and mathematical and statistical support will be acquired.

Image Analysis Support

Support for Image Analysis and Quantification We provide support for the development of image analysis algorithms and software for image filtering and segmentation, and 2D/3D/4D morphological and dynamic analysis methods necessary for bioimaging analysis to extract biological meanings from images taken by light and electron microscopes and to quantify the observed objects, using cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning. We also provide technical support for image acquisition methods necessary to optimize image analysis, and advice on image analysis necessary to build mathematical models.
Image Analysis Training Courses The objective of the training course is to learn the basic principles of image processing algorithms and practice analyzing various biological and medical images of protein molecules, cells, and tissues, to master standard techniques and establish a foundation in image analysis that can be applied to their own research.
Others Please feel free to contact us for possible assistance using techniques other than those listed above.


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Advanced Bioimaging Support

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