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To Our ILAE Colleagues

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Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Japan Epilepsy Society, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to many colleagues who have sent us condolences and heartwarming encouraging letters for the unprecedented massive earthquake followed by the devastating tsunamis that hit Japan on March 11, with the additional blow of the nuclear plant incident. With generous aids and supports from many countries, Japan is taking every active action to deal with this massive disaster that has already claimed over 7,500 deaths and 11,000 persons unaccounted for.

At JES, all our members are taking on the challenge in supporting the persons with epilepsy affected by this disaster. In close collaboration with the Japan Epilepsy Association (JEA) and based on appropriate information, JES is dispatching teams of doctors, shipping drugs, and accepting patients from the disaster stricken areas. We refer these patients to the treatment network, and try our very best to provide continuous direct treatment or care through JES members who are distributed all over the country, with the support of other doctors and comedicals. This is going to be a long term challenge to minimize disastrous outcome. For the victims and the disaster-stricken areas, we believe that the 'Sun also rises'.

Thank you all,

Sunao Kaneko, president, JES

Tatsuya Tanaka, past president, JES


We are very pleased to open the English version of the homepage of the Japan Epilepsy Society (JES), and it contains the information of the current state of JES, updated clinical information, information of the forthcoming scientific, domestic and international meetings, and news related to epilepsy.

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