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We are pleased to announce the launch of Epilepsy & Seizure, the English official online journal of the Japan Epilepsy Society(JES), first published in January 2008.


Epilepsy & Seizure is the new medical journal of Epilepsy:
free subscription and open-access are allowed to all review articles from the moment of online publication.
Epilepsy & Seizure would like to invite JES members and other interested parties to submit articles. The internal/external submission is all welcome.

The submission is available on January 20, 2008.
For more details, please see the information below.


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Epilepsy & Seizure (powered by J-Stage, available on 22Jan. 2008)

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Epilepsy & Seizure (powered by J-Stage, available on 22Jan. 2008)


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Epilepsy & Seizure Editorial Office

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Address: 4-8-15-A Miyoshigaoka Sakura
Miyoshi-cho, Aichi, Japan 470-0204
Tel&Fax: +81 56 136 5206
Editor-in-Chief: Kousuke KANEMOTO, MD, DMSc
Editorial Assistant: Ai KATO

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日本てんかん学会 事務局

E-MAIL: jes-oasumin.ac.jp
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