Presidential Remarks
Greeting from the Newly Elected President



I am Makiko Osawa. It is my greatest honor to be elected as President of the Japan Epilepsy Society.

The Japan Epilepsy Society has a wide membership of doctors, researchers and comedicals from various clinical disciplines and research specialties, who have come together and engaged in activities with the common objective “to promote and advance epileptology and the related sciences, and as a result to improve the medical standard and social care for epilepsy, contributing to the well-being of the people with epilepsy and their families”. With these unique characteristics, the Society is a cross-sectional, interdisciplinary and practical society.

Initially founded as a research group, the Japan Epilepsy Society has seen tremendous growth in the past almost half a century, owing to the great efforts made by the senior members of the Society. Currently, our Society is the second largest epilepsy society in the world, next to the American Epilepsy Society. It is my sincere wish to treasure the grand tradition that has been nurtured in the Society, develop it and pass it on to the next generation.

To this end, I would like to propose two points in anticipation of the future of the Society:

The first is to promote active participation of young persons and women in the Society. The numbers of young and women members are growing. Listening to their opinions and providing a platform for their activities are some of my proposals.

The second is to further promote epilepsy care and research. Nowadays we are encountering a harsh environment surrounding these undertakings. In collaboration with related societies, I would like to do my very best.

Our collaborations with the International League Against Epilepsy and the Commission on Asian and Oceanian Affairs will continue. I look forward to work with highly capable and motivated epileptologists in the world toward a common goal.

Let's Stand up for epilepsy!


Makiko Osawa


Japan Epilepsy Society




Remarks from the Past President


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your active support to the activities of the Japan Epilepsy Society and the promotion of epilepsy care. In October 2013, I completed my 4-year term of office as President of the Society and retired.

During these four years, I am glad to see that the membership of the Society increased from 1,873 to 2,513, and the number of certified epileptologists also increased steadily to 473. Thanks to your support, I feel that I have fulfilled the objectives that I set at the beginning of my office, which included internationalization, increase of membership, and collaboration with other societies and organizations.

At the last election, Makiko Osawa, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Women’s Medical University, was elected as the new president for this term. In the 47-year history of our Society, she is the first pediatrician and the first woman elected as President. I am very pleased to witness the opening of a new page of history in our Society and to pass the torch on.

Many issues regarding epilepsy remain to be solved. There are likely to be many occasions in which our new president will seek consultation or help from colleagues all over the world. I would sincerely appreciate your continued support and cooperation for our new president.

Last but not the least, I wish you all good health and success in your activities.


Sunao Kaneko

Past President

Japan Epilepsy Society


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