Frequently Asked Questions

Social insurance enrollment procedures associated with receipt of the GPLLI grant

If I receive a monthly grant of 180,000 yen, and no longer receive parental support, do I need to purchase health insurance myself?
Please consult with your parent(s) and decide whether you want to stop receiving parental support or not.
If you decide not to receive parental support, check your parent's pension insurance plan, and follow the Social Insurance Agency procedures.
If you have necessary documents from us, please contact the GPLLI office.


In "Coursework and Exercise requirements" in the Application Guidelines (Page 4 ), it says "before completing the first year of the course" or "during the first year of the course." Does this mean that upon acceptance to the program, I am required to obtain credits before the second year starts?"
There was an error in the statement. After you are accepted to the program, you are required to complete coursework/exercise requirements and obtain credits before the second year in the Doctoral program, which is the first year of the course ends. Please check the revised Application Guidelines uploaded on the homepage.

GPLLI grant

If I apply for the GCOE Research Assistant (RA) position for 2012 and receive a commission fee, am I not eligible for the GPLLI grant?
No, you are not eligible.
You cannot receive financial aid from multiple sources. If you are hired as an RA and are accepted into the GPLLI, you need to choose between the RA commission fee and the GPLLI grant.
If I am accepted into the GPLLI, is it possible if I won't receive the grant in the first year but then start receiving it in the second year?
Yes, it is possible.


I am a student in the second year of the Master's program in Medicine in 2012.
According to the Application Guidelines, prospective students for the 2013 Doctoral program in Medicine are eligible to apply. Does this mean a student like me, who is already enrolled in the Master's program, is also eligible to apply?
If a student is enrolled in the Master's program in Medicine, only those who are in the first year of the program are eligible to apply. There are two tracks for student's enrolled in the Doctoral program in Medicine: Students enrolled in the Master's program at the University of Tokyo; and students who complete the 6-year undergraduate program and are directly enrolled in the Doctoral program. Please note eligible years in which students can apply for this program vary.
I am planning to enroll in the Doctoral program and will receive monthly pay as a "RA" from the GCOE next year. Am I still eligible for GPLLI?
Yes, you may apply for GPLLI. However, if you are accepted into GPLLI, you cannot receive both the GPLLI grant and commission fee as a RA. This means you need to choose between the two. As a GPLLI course student who does not receive the grant, you can be enrolled in this program.
I am planning to enroll in the Doctoral program at the University of Tokyo in 2012. Is it possible for me to apply for GPLLI? Are there any other documents I need to submit in addition to the documents required of internal applicants to submit?
Yes, you are eligible to apply. The documents for the application are the same as the ones required of internal applicants.

Application form

I am currently in the Master's program at a different university. I am planning to enroll in the Doctoral program at the University of Tokyo in April. Does the "supervisor" in the "Letter of Opinion on the Applicant for the Leading Graduate School Doctoral Program" have to be a faculty member of the University of Tokyo?
The page may be completed by the applicant's supervisor at the graduate school you are currently enrolled in. However, you are responsible to notify your supervisor-to-be (at the University of Tokyo) of your intention to apply for the program and obtain his/her approval in advance.
After I completed the Master's program at a different university, I have become a student in the Doctoral program at the University of Tokyo. In the application form, there is a space where I need to fill out the information on my undergraduate program, but where should I fill out the information on my master's program?
Mark over "Graduate School of       , the University of Tokyo" in the Academic record section with a double line, and write the name of the graduate school you completed in the blank space.
If I am receiving payment as a RA for the Global COE, do I need to write it down?
If you have been hired as a RA, please write it down in the "Acceptance status for other fellowships, such as the RIKEN Junior Research Associate program for graduate students" section.

Tuition waiver procedure

When I applied for a tuition waiver, I needed a certificate that indicates the amount of the GPLLI grant I receive. Can I get the certificate?
Yes, we can issue the "certificate."
Download "Application for Certificate." After filling out the form, please turn it in to the GPLLI office.
In principle, the certificate is issued in the afternoon of the next day you applied. However, if the form is turned in the evening, the issuance may be delayed. In that case, you will receive an e-mail from the office.