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About Social Insurance for Receiving Incentives

If I receive 180,000 yen per month in incentives, will I be removed as a dependent of my parents and will I have to purchase my own health insurance?
Please consult with your parents and use your own judgment in deciding whether or not to remove yourself as a dependent of your parents.
If you wish to be removed as a dependent, please check with your parents' insurance provider and proceed with the procedure at the Social Insurance Agency.
Please contact the office if you have any necessary documents.

About Incentives

If I am selected, can I not receive the scholarship for the first year, but start receiving it in the second year?
This is possible. By submitting the "Application for Start / Stop of Incentive Payment", you can apply for a change in the payment status on a monthly basis.
The form can be downloaded from the various notification forms.
I am receiving a scholarship from the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). If I am accepted, do I have to immediately decline the scholarship?
If you are receiving other scholarships, please refer to the table in the application guidebook on whether or not you can receive duplicate scholarships, as some scholarships are allowed to be received in duplicate with the program's financial aid. Depending on the total amount received, the amount paid may be adjusted. In addition, you can take this program even if you delay the start of the receiving period or do not receive financial aid for the program, as in the question above.

About Application Qualifications

I am planning to enter a doctoral course at the University of Tokyo in April of next year. Is it possible for me to apply? If so, are there any additional documents that I need to submit in addition to those required for those who are going on to higher education within the university?
Applicants who have been offered admission to the M.D. program and the four-year Ph.D. program in Pharmaceutical Sciences are eligible to apply. However, those who are enrolled in the Master's Program in Medical Science can only apply for the first year of the Master's Program in Medical Science, and are not eligible to apply for the Doctoral Program in Medical Science.
All the documents to be submitted are the same as those for those who are going on to higher education within the university.

About Application Documents

If I am currently enrolled in a master's course at another graduate school and plan to enroll in a doctoral course at the University of Tokyo in April, does the supervisor in the "Statement of Opinion Concerning the Applicant" need to be a faculty member at the University of Tokyo?
In the "Academic Advisor" column, you can fill in the name of the academic advisor of the graduate school in which you are currently enrolled.
However, please be sure to inform your prospective faculty member of your intention to apply for this program and obtain his/her prior approval for the examination. If you are a professor outside of the University of Tokyo, you will not be able to log in to the form for submitting the "Statement of Opinion about the Applicant", so it is your responsibility to consult with the secretariat and inform the professor of the submission method in advance.
How should I describe my educational background other than the default format, such as enrolling in other graduate schools after graduating from university and before entering the University of Tokyo Graduate School?
You may change the format of the form as necessary within the space provided, but please fill in the form so that it accurately shows your educational background from the time you graduated from college. If there is not enough space, you may attach a separate sheet of paper by writing "indicated on a separate sheet" in the education section.

About Tuition Exemption

When I apply for the tuition waiver, do I need a certificate that shows the amount of the incentive fee for the program I am enrolled in?
"We can issue a certificate. Please download the "Application for Certificate" from the various notification forms, fill in the necessary information, and submit it to the secretariat.
In principle, the certificate will be issued in the afternoon of the next day or later, but if the application is submitted to the office in the evening, the issuance may be delayed.
The secretariat will contact you by e-mail if the issuance date is delayed beyond the scheduled date.