World-leading INnovative Graduate Study Program for Life Science and Technology

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The World-leading INnovative Graduate Study Program for Life Science and Technology (WINGS-LST, hereinafter “this program”) aims to develop talents who will significantly contribute to human health from a long-term perspective. For this reason, it covers a wide range of life science and technology research fields, from the elucidation of basic principles to applied technologies that lead to clinical practice. In this program, we aim to foster human talents who can create new academic fields in the future by co-developing excellence in three assets: expertise in specialized disciplines, broadness of scientific perspective, and agile engagement with others to develop new opportunities.

A unique feature of this program is that students can learn about the elucidation of life phenomena (related to basic medical sciences and life sciences) using state-of-art technologies and the technologies (related to clinical practice and engineering) that contribute to human health based on the elucidated principles and theories. In addition to laboratory-based training to build specialized expertise, we conduct multi-disciplinary lectures, seminars, and exercises that go beyond the existing framework of the Graduate Schools. We also offer partnerships and internships with companies, as well as overseas summer internships and collaborative research with overseas research institutes. Progress reviews are undertaken by multiple faculty members to foster research ideas, approaches, and values that differ from those of students’ direct supervisors. The formation of networks among students is also important: such networks are likely to prove extremely useful during this program or when creating and developing new scientific fields in the future.