Information for Chairpersons & Speakers

Information for Chairpersons & Speakers

【Oral presentation speakers】

Guide for both online and on-venue speakers

  • The time allocated for one presentation is: 1. 10 minutes (8 min. for oral presentation and 2 min. for Q&A session)
  • Speakers are requested to following the instructions of their session chairs.

On-site speakers


・Speakers are requested to complete registration at the Media Reception Desk on B1 floor of the International Conference Ctr., Hiroshima and to be seated in the chair for the next speaker no later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the General Presentations.

・Please give your presentation while maneuvering the mouse found on the speaker's rostrum. You will see the yellow warning lamp start to blink one minute before the allocated presentation time. The red lamp will blink at the end of the presentation time.

・Handouts cannot be distributed at the venue.

2)Media Reception Desk

・Reception hours are 8:20-17:00 on December 3 (Sat) and 8:30-15:30 on December 4 (Sun).

・Please submit your presentation data at the PC Reception Desk and complete reception no later than 30 minutes before the start of General Presentations (punctuality required).

・Reception location: Media Reception Desk on B1 floor of the International Conference Ctr., Hiroshima

・Data will be accepted in USB flash memory only. Other media formats will not be accepted. (Please be sure to backup your data for safety.)

・Your presentation data will be copied to the PC used in the Conference. The media received will be returned immediately after confirmation data and PC operation. Please acknowledge that your presentation data cannot be modified after submission.

・The data copied at the Media Reception Desk will be deleted by the Conference after completion of the event.

・Speakers scheduled to give presentations in the morning of December 4 (Sun) are recommended to complete registration on the previous day.

3)Data production and storage

・Windows PC will be used by the Conference. Macintosh users are requested to submit their own computers. The application to be used is PowerPoint (2007, 2010 or 2019 versions) Please the standard font of your operating system in entering your data.

・Your data file should be named as "[presentation number]_[speaker name]" (example: 100_John Presenter)

・Please run the latest antivirus software to check your datafile, since there are instances of virus infection via data medium

・After creating your presentation data, please confirm that the data will run normally on PCs other than the PC used for data production.

・Please be sure to check data operation at the Media Reception Desk before starting your presentation.

・Please acknowledge that your data cannot be modified at the presentation venue.

4)Advance registration for participants (online participation)

Speakers are requested to complete registration for online participation by December 2 (Fri).
All payments are not refundable. Please be sure to check carefully in advance before registration.

Online speakers

  • Although the speaker is responsible for operation of the presentation data screen, we request that the speaker share the presentation data with the Conference secretariat in advance to prepare for unforeseeable problem. Regarding the method of sharing data with the secretariat, the speaker will be notified by email.
  • To give the speakers unsure of giving online presentations, we plan to hold a connection test for two days (several hours) in advance. The speaker will be notified of the date and time by email. All interested speakers are welcome to participate. (The connection test will be in Japanese only.)
  • The speaker is scheduled to receive the URL for the final check for the speaker's session with the Conference Secretariat several days before the Conference. Please enter 30 minutes before the session.

※The Conference is scheduled to be a hybrid event consisting of on-site meeting, live streaming and on-demand streaming.
To participate, please be sure to download or update your Zoom client to the latest version.
Please note that participation with versions other than the latest Zoom may cause viewing or listing problems.

Please read the following Zoom manual to be ready for the event.

※To assure stability in internet connection, use of wired connection is strongly recommended.
※In case of Wi-Fi connection, the session may be disrupted by unstable communication environment.

【Test connection】
Click the URL below to conduct an advance meeting test.
Check if your internet connection is stable with the test.
Your communication environment may change by the time of day.
Test the stability of your connection by conducting it during the same time range as your presentation.
※You may not be able to use Zoom if using a PC or LAN within a facility due to restrictions imposed on such connections. Please conduct the test without fail.

※Be sure to check your mic/speaker connections without fail.

【Information about poster presenters】

1)Registration for poster presenters

・No Registration for poster presenters on this meeting.

・Poster presentation will be on-demand, except part of posters will be set-up at Hiroshima City Bunka Koryu Kaikan.

2)How to make a poster data

・Please prepare in JPEG or PNG format.

・You can choose to make one sheet of normal poster layout data or multiple slides.

・Information on how to submit the data will be sent to the first author by e-mail.

・Use the bulletin board of the on-demand delivery system to answer questions from participants.

3)Disclosure of conflict of interest (COI) at the time of publication

・If there is no conflict of interest (COI) to declare, or if there is, it is necessary to declare it. Please add a conflict of interest (COI) self-declaration slide as the second presentation slide.
Please see our CALL FOR ABSTRACT FOR ENGLISH SESSION page for more information.