Call for Abstract for English Session

Call for Abstract

  • First author and Co-authors must be a member except for foreign students and foreigners living abroad.
  • Foreign students and foreigners living abroad are eligible to submit an application with a registration fee of 2,000 JPY.
  • One author can submit only one abstract as a first author for the oral or poster presentation.

* The poster presentation session does not have a separate category as “English session”. For a poster session in English, you can apply your abstract from the general abstract submission category. Or, you can submit your abstract from "English Session" page.

  • The abstract should not be presented at any conference before. If your research is published at any journal before, please write the journal’s name, title, issue, and page number in the abstract.
  • We kindly ask for your cooperation that we will take a camera and screenshot for recording and promotion.

(1) Oral (English: At onsite or online)(2) Poster (English)

  • Oral presentation
    10 minutes (8 minutes for Presentation, 2 minutes for Question & Answer)
  • Poster Presentation
    Presented on December 3rd or 4th, 2022.
  • All presentations must be written in English.
  • Prepare an abstract in English with a title not exceeding 30 words and a body not exceeding 450words. An abstract body contains all text (no tables or figures).
  • Described with the purpose, methods, results and conclusion.
  • Mentioned approval from the research ethics committee or ethical considerations (excluding literature review studies).
  • Proofreading by a native speaker is required prior to registration.
  • Joint presenters must not exceed 20 authors from no more than 10 affiliations.
  • If the first author is a member, you can apply for the JANS42 Award.
  • Peer review of abstracts will be done from the perspective of the appropriateness of abstract composition, logical consistency and research ethics.
  • The results of peer review will be sent by end of July 2022.
  • Final notification of acceptance will be sent by end of August 2022.

When you submit the abstract, there is a Check Items for Abstract Submission, so please be sure to check it.

  • If you have COI, please download the declaration form (Form 2) from with specifying the abstract registration number, and submit it to the secretariat of Japan Academy of Nursing Science by e-mail attachment or fax.

Fax : (+81) 03-5805-1281

  • Oral presentation: It will be required to make disclosure of the state of COI and it should be stated next page of your title slide.
  • Poster presentation: It will be required to make disclosure of the state of COI and it should be stated at the right bottom of your poster.
  • It is not required to make disclosure of the state of COI, if you are a co-author.
  • Please download the COI slide from as below,

Abstract Submission