Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

The Japan Mendel Society (JMS) is committed to respect the privacy of personal information and has in place the appropriate safeguards for the retention and management of personal information according to the Privacy Policy outlined below.

Collection of Personal Information

JMS may collect personal information only to the extent that it is necessary for execution of its business purposes in accordance with its articles of incorporation and operation. The specific agreement of all individuals who supply their personal information is required in order that JMS may collect, retain and use retain such information.

Use of Personal Information and Provision to Third Parties

JMS may use any personal information acquired only for its own business purposes. JMS will not disclose, or provide, any personal information to any third party (excepting authorized contractors working for JMS) without the specific consent of the person involved. Only under very exceptional circumstances, and only under very specific conditions required by law, will JMS consent to the release of personal information.

Management of Personal Information

JMS is committed to careful and secure management of all personal information not already in the public domain in order to prevent any unauthorized access, including malicious manipulation, leaking or other prohibited practices.. In the unlikely event of any breach of security, JMS will immediately take measures to recover the information, avoid any recurrence, and alert all of those affected. When working with contractors authorized for JMS operations, JMS is committed to high levels of management and supervision, and ensuring that sufficient safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Disclosure and Amendment of Personal Information

JMS is committed to disclose without delay as a principle on suppliers’ request to disclose their own personal information. We also respond promptly to requests to amend or discard personal information.

Changing the JMS Privacy Policy

JMS may change the privacy policy for modification of statutes or other reasons. If we change our privacy policy, we will post the revised statement on our website.

Date of Initiation of the Policy

This Privacy Policy will go into effect on the day approved by the Executive Board of Directors of JMS.

Contacting JMS:

All enquiries regarding this Privacy Policy and the protection of personal information by the Japan Mendel Society should be directed to the editorial office (