Membership Application

The Japan Mendel Society (JMS) that incorporated the former publishing body of the International Society of Cytology (ISC) publishes CYTOLOGIA. JMS is an academic society, whose detailed activities, please refer in our homepage.

A. Membership Types

The individual or the group that will join JMS is welcomed to the society. Membership fee will be requested to be a member after approval of the society. There are two types of membership, as follows:

Ordinary Membership

Dues: US$94.00/year (9,800yen/year)
Membership benefits include:

  1. Free submission to CYTOLOGIA
  2. Free subscription of a quarterly journal, “CYTOLOGIA”
  3. Free subscription of an annual report of JMS, “Mendel”
  4. Fee online-access to CYTOLOGIA in J-STAGE for a year concerned
  5. Candidate's qualification for an editorial board member of CYTOLOGIA

B. Application Form

Fill in the following requested information and send it by e-mail to the JMS office of the following address;

Information for Membership Application

  1. Name: (First Name) / (Middle Name or Initial) / (Family Name)
  2. Institution:
  3. Mailing Address:
  4. TEL:
  5. FAX:
  6. E-mail:
  7. Web site:

Please make a choice in the following two items:

  • # Membership period: last year / this year / the next year

C. Methods of Payment

  1. Credit Card:When you would like to pay with a credit card, please tell us “a type of membership” and “a continued period in the case of renewal” by e-mail first. We need them for making your personal URL which is used for the credit card payment. We will inform you of it by e-mail as soon as possible. You should confirm the price in the top page and press a “pay” button. The second page for the credit card payment will be switched over from the top page. This page is in Japanese (for security reason, we have to stick to not English translation but the Japanese text). Please confirm the price, input the credit card number, chose the kind of credit cards, enter the expiration date, and push the lower button. An operation screen will be changed to a confirmation screen. When all’s good, please push the fixation button. Payment is completion with this.
  2. International Postal Money Order (IPMO): Payable to CYTOLOGIA
  3. International Giro Postal Transfer (IGPT): Postal account No. 00170-6-41844: IPMO or IGPT is favorable but “check” or “demand draft” is unfavorable because it takes an expensive realization rate in Japan. If you prefer to “bank remittance”, our bank account is available as shown below. However, the bank remittance also requires commission fee, which would be so much expensive especially in the case of oversea remittance.
  4. Check or Demand Draft: When you use “check” or “demand draft”, you must increase a realization rate (US$24.00/once, 2,500yen/once) to a Regular Membership fee (US$94.00/year, 9,800yen/year). It is US$118.00 (12,300yen) in total. It is OK that you will mention as PAY to just "CYTOLOGIA" in “check” or “demand draft”.
  5. Bank Remittance: When you use “bank remittance”, you must increase a commission (US$24.00/once, 2,500yen/once) to a Regular Membership fee (US$94.00/year, 9,800yen/year). It is US$118.00 (12,300yen) in total.

Bank Name: Mizuho Bank, Hongo Branch, Tokyo
Account No.: 1153295
Account Name: CYTOLOGIA, Tokyo

IPMO, a receipt of IGPT, “check”, “demand draft” or a receipt of “bank remittance” should be sent by airmail to CYTOLOGIA of the following address; CYTOLOGIA c/o The Japan Mendel Society, Toshin Bldg.,Hongo 2-27-2, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033 JAPAN.

Note: It isn't desirable to send cash by a usual postal-envelope. That’s illegal in Japan as well as security of cash is not guaranteed at all. However, as a risk of your side, we may not be able to reject sending cash by air mail. We accept Japanese yen only, not to send dollar or euro. The exchange fee for dollar or euro is our deficit and it is three yen per one dollar or six yen per one euro. Please annotate some information such as a title and authors of the paper, Vol., No., and the year of issue, etc. when you send cash by post.