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Copyrights and reuse condition

Copyrights of all contents in CYTOLOGIA are held by The Japan Mendel Society (JMS). All contents are published under the CC BY license (BY-NC-SA 4.0) in Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International License. For commercial use, please ask the JMS and get our permission.

A Note on DOI

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) have now been provided for all articles in all publically available issues of Cytologia, from the inaugural issue onwards.

You can view the covers of all archived issues of Cytologia by clicking on the ‘Archive 2’ link on the Japan Mendel Society homepage. Click a cover to view an enlarged version. Above this enlarged version you will see three links: ‘On the Cover’, ‘Content’ or ‘Archive’. Click on ‘Archive’ to access the contents page for the relevant Cytologia issue on the J-STAGE website.

This page will give the titles of each paper in the issue. Click on the relevant title to display the paper abstract and additional information. The yellow banner at the top of the abstract title indicates the relevant volume and issue of Cytologia, and the page numbers of the paper, while the relevant URL, including the DOI, is shown to the left below the yellow banner.

For example, in, 10.1508 indicates the unique DOI code for Cytologia, while 76.111 indicates that the relevant paper is on page 111 of volume 76 of Cytologia. The DOI for this paper will therefore be as follows:

DOI: 10.1508/cytologia.76.111

Similarly, page 119 of volume 76 of Cytologia can be accessed via the following URL, which will allow the reader to access the required paper via the J-STAGE website:

Please note although that DOI codes are generated automatically, the DOI code can only be used to access the relevant paper on the internet around 6-12 months after the relevant volume has been published.

Request for transfer of copyrights on previously published articles on the “Cytologia: International Journal of Cytogenetics and Cell Biology”

The Japan Mendel Society is promoting digitally archive of the “Cytologia”, which was published for the Japan Mendel society from 1929 to 1997. This archive includes all previously published materials and will be made freely accessible to public via internet without charge or restriction. In moving forward with this project, the society needs in order to obtain approvals from copyright holders (Japanese Copyright Law Articles 21-28).

With regard to all articles published in the Cytologia、 in which ownership of the copyrights is unclear, the society would like to obtain the reproduction rights (Japanese Copyright Law Article 21) and the public transmission rights (Japanese Copyright Law Article 23) from the copyright holders in order to quickly make public these electronic archives so that they are available for research purposes. The copyright holders who wish not to grant reproduction and public transmission rights to the society is requested to contact the society at the address noted below before July 31, 2014. In cases whereby the society is not contacted, processing will be carried out as though permission has been granted.

Please note that the copyright transfer we are requesting is for the sole purpose of making the Cytologia electronically available to the public. Thus, authors may use the subject materials without permission for their own research purposes.

Thank you for your much appreciated cooperation.

The Japan Mendel Society 
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