@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 8 [May 1997]

Preface Expectation of Nursing on Japanese Health and Medical SociologyYuko SHIBUYA1

(Congress) Presidential Address at the 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting

Self-Care vs. Medical CareKyoichi SONODA2

Special Issue: Changing Practitioner-Patient Relationship and Patientfs Autonomy

Need of Change in Medical Practitioners-Patients Relationship
@@@ and the Patientfs AutonomyShinko ICHINOHE, Ryuji KITAHARA5
Possibility of a Patient and the Family as a Decision Maker
@@@ in Home Care NursingTeruko KAWAGUCHI9
Patientfs Autonomy \ Some Legal PhasesShin UTSUGI15
Changing Practitioner-Patient Relationship and Patient AutonomySatoru SUGITA23

Research Note

Examining the Assistant Nurse System in Japan: Using the Professionsf TheoryMiwako HOSODA29
The New Physician-Patient Relationship Model and Its Possibility:
@@@ Evaluating R. M. Veachfs Deep-Value-Pairing ModelNaoko KOMATSU, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI40


Recent Trend of Study on Menopause in the US:
@@@ SWAN PROJECT Using Interdisciplinary Approach by NIHYuko KAWANISHI49
Introduction of Salutogenic Model and the Key Concept of SOCAtsushi IWAI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI54

Book Review62