@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 7 [May 1996]

PrefaceMasahira ANESAKI1

(Congress) Presidential Address at the 21st Annual Scientific Meeting

The Reform of Health and Social Welfare Services and Tasks of ProfessionalsShigeru YAMATE2

Special Issue: Professionals under the Reform of Health and Medical Care

IntroductionYoshihiko YAMAZAKI and Eiko SATO8
The Role and the Nature of Social Worker in Medical SettingsMakoto MATSUYAMA10
CommentaryKazuko AIHARA16
CommentaryChifuyu HAYASHI20
CommentaryYoshio YONEBAYASHI24

Research Articles (Originals & Reviews)

Study on Physiciansf Role Cognition in Respect of Terminal Patientsf Preferences
@@@ Mika SAEKI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI26
The Theoretical Trends and Tasks in Studies of the Elderly in Nursing HomeJosuke AMADA38
Careworker Jobs and Relating Organizational Factors in Geriatric Hospitals
@@@ Which Adopt the Partial Capitation Payment System
@@@ @@@ Chifuyu HAYASHI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI, Chieko KAWATA54



Book Reviews72