@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 9 [May 1998]

PrefaceShuichi HATANO1

Special Issue:

Information Disclosure and Self Determination in Health and Medical CareMasako SHIBUYA3
Introduction to the Symposium: A release of Medical Information and Self-determination
@@@ in Health and MedicineManami HORIHATA, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI6
Information Disclosure and Self Decision in the Drug-induced Suffering Problems
@@@ in the Case of SMON and Drug-induced AIDSKiyohiko KATAHIRA10
Disclosure of Information and Self-Decision in Health CareToshihiro SUZUKI17
The Medical Care Supports to Live My Own Life as I am
@@@ \ As a Patient and a Nurse \Haruko NAGAHAMA23

Original Article

Experiences in Concealing Epilepsy in Japan
@@@ Mikiko ITO, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI, Masato FUKUDA, Ichiro SUZUKI, Hirokazu OGUNI30

Research Note

gGrounded Theory Approachh as a Qualitative Research Method for Sociology
@@@ Toru MAMADA44
Formation of Deep-Value-Pairing Model and the Disputed PointsNaoko KOMATSU52
A Preliminary Analysis of Studies on Psycho-Social Stress
@@@ and Type A Behavior Pattern from the Viewpoint of the Sociology of Science
@@@ Takashi ASAKURA60

Book ReviewMika USHIDA70