@@The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 16-1 [2005]

Original Article

Plural Developments of Hospice Movements in Community:
@@@A Case Study of Competition of Three gIdealsh in OkayamaShimon TASHIRO1

A Study of Medical Care-Seeking among Diabetic Patients Without Symptoms
@@@\ INterview with Type II Diabetic PatientsTomoko FUKUSHIMA13

Changing material relationships thorough caring:
@@@An analysis of caring narrativesTakeshi MATSUMURA25

Prevention of Adverse Drug Events II:
@@@Error-Producing Conditions Effects on DefensesYukiko SEKI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI37

Research Note

Japanese Schoolchildrenfs Experience of Mass Evacuation World War II
@@@and Its long-term influence on their Later LifeSachiko DEGUCHI, Asako TAKEI50