@@The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 15-2 [2005]

Memorial Lecture

From competitive to cooperative society:
@@@some suggestions for the Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology
@@@Naohiko JINNO1

(Congress) Presidential Address

A consideration on health, medical care and welfare of the 21st century
@@@from the viewpoint of the studies on drug-induced sufferings,
@@@intractable diseases and lipid nutritionKiyohiko KATAHIRA11


Study on social welfare and health-medical:
@@@from the perspective of public assistanceNobukatsu OTOMO16

Commonality of health care and social welfare:
@@@with reference to health investigation of homeless peopleKenji KURODA26

An idea about the social construction of human science
@@@for community-based health-social servicesTadayasu MAKINO34

Relay Lecture

The embryo of health and medical sociology in Japan:
@@@from the mid 1950fs to the mid 1960fsMasahira ANESAKI42

To analyze medical doctors is our most important taskRyuji KITAHARA49

Expecting bright future of the Japanese Society of Health and Medical Sociology
@@@Shuichi HATANO56

Original Article

The self-control of psychologistsTeruhiko NAKAGAWA68

Talking maternal serum screening test and its determinantsSetsuko SUGANO80

gBalancing the child and the selfh:
@@@a study on the turning mechanism in the transformation process of the consciousness
@@@of the mothers with severely handicapped childrenKaoru NAKAGAWA94

Research Note

Role and function of social welfare with the development of medical technology
@@@Yasuhiro YUKI104

Health as an object of value and attention: healthism in postwar Japan
@@@Atsushi TADA, Takuro TAMAMOTO, Koichiro KURODA115

Book Review

@@@Masako NITTA127