@@The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 16-2 [2005]

Symposium A

The Global Lessons of Minamata Disease: An Introduction to Minamata StudyMasazumi HARADA1

What problems are posed for health and medical sociology by Minamata disease incident?:
@@@viewpoints from domination system theory, and sociology of science and technology
@@@Harutoshi FUNABASHI16

Seeing Distressed NeighborhoodsKayo USHIJIMA28

Symposium B

@ The sociological approach to Hansenfs disease:
@@@from the viewpoint of the social research practiceYukiko ARARAGI39

The Social Problem of Hansenfs Disease and Sociology of MeaningBunfya NAKAMURA52

Original Article

gPractices to articulate with livesh of Leper:
@@@the case of Okinawa Airakuen in the period of recovery from the Okinawa war
@@@Yoichiro KUWAHATA66

Book Review

@@@Yasuo HONDA79