@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 12 (12-1)[May 2001]


Program Objectives at the 2001 Yearfs Meeting of
@@@the Japanese Society of Health and Medical SociologyYoshihiko YAMAZAKI1

Special Issue 1: Health and Medical Professionals in the 21st Century

Todayfs Professions: Are They Withering?Hideichiro NAKANO3
Transformation of the Medical ProfessionSusumu NAKANO9
Review on Contemporary Challenge in Nursing HistoryNoriko NAKAJIMA14

Special Issue 2: Planning and Practice of 21 Japan Health Promotion

The Concept and Practice of Health Promotion in a Rural AreaKeiko HIGUMA20
The Concept and Practice of Health Promotion at City Area: A Case of Gifu City
@@@Shozo MATSUURA, Ikuko SAKURAI, Masato IMAI25

Review Article

Outcome-based Physician-patient Communication: A review of the LiteratureKaoru NAKAGAWA32

Original Article

Experience of Caring Demented Parents in Retrospective:
@@@On those in leadership at a self-help group for the caresMinako SHIMEGI47

Research Note

Issues of New Social Welfare System That Shifts from Placement to Contract in Implementation
@@@\An Approach to Senfs CapabilityYasuhiro YUUKI58
Decentralization and Public Health ServiceYutaka DAI69
Methodological Discussions in
@@@Recent Social Research TextbooksToru MAMADA, Kazuhiro NAKAYAMA76
What is gThe Team Medical-Careh?: From the Viewpoint of Medical StaffsMiwako HOSODA88
Mcdonaldization of Infertility: As a Case of Medicalization of ReproductionChiaki SHIRAI102
Pregnant Womenfs Attitude on having
@@@Prenatal Diagnosis and Practitionersf ParticipationSetsuko SUGANO115
Toward the reconsidering of caring profession: From the research in A hospitalfs nursesSayo MITSUI127
The Examination on Validity of Teaching Method in the Clinical Teaching Setting:
@@@Communication Analysis between the Clinical Instructor - Nursing Student
@@@Mari KUBOTA, Chizuko NAKATANI, Mizue SHIROMARU140


Future Research for Occupational Stress among Hospice/Palliative Care Nurses
@@@Ayako OKOCHI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI, Yukiyo MURASHIMA152

Book Review