@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 11 [May 2000]

PrefaceYuzo SHINDO1

Special Issue:

Approaches to Health and Welfare of Older People

Integrated System of Health, Medical, and WelfareHiroshi OHYAMA2
How Can We Make Up the Team Care System?Ryutaro TAKAHASHI9
Interorganizaiton and Interprofessional Collaboration of Staff of Local Care Support CenterAkemi SOEDA14
A Cross-National Study on the Elderly in Japan and Finland:
@@@Its Perspective and MethodologyJunko WAKE21
Gerontology Curriculum in Higher Education in the U.S.Ryo TAKAHASHI27

Original Article

gInformed Consenthand Practitioner-Patient Relationship in Malpractice Suits
@@@Chikako FUJIE, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI34
A Research on a Conceptual Model of TQM (Total Quality Management)
@@@in Japanese General HospitalsTatsuo IWAMORI45
Problems of Notifications to People with Medically Induced HIV Infection in Japan
@@@Yukiko SEKI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI, Yoji INOUE, Chie KATAYAMA,
@@@@@@@Kiyoko YOSHII, Yuka MARUYAMA, Chikako KIMURA,Chihiro WAKABAYASHI, Shinichiro SETO58

Research Note

The Mental Conflicts of Nurses in Nurse-Patient RelationshipHaruo SAKIYAMA69
Issues in the Concept of Sexuality in Japanese Health Science and Medicine
@@@Kyoko ASAKURA82
The Policy of Goals Setting and Reforms within the Health Sector
@@@\ New Zealandfs First Trial of Setting Health Goals and Targets \Yoshikazu FUJISAWA94


Further Development of Health and Medical Sociology
@@@in the Japanese Institutes of Health and Nursing SciencesYoshihiko YAMAZAKI104