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Call for Papers

Please note the abstracts selected will be exhibited in the form of poster only. Excellent presentation (s) will be awarded a prize.
Please read very carefully all the instruction before submission.

  1. Presentation ( Discussion ) Language
  2. Types of Poster Exhibits
  3. Categories of Topics
  4. Presenter Requirement
  5. How to Submit Abstracts
  6. Deadlines for Abstract Submissions
  7. Notification of Acceptance
  8. Flowchart of Abstract Submission
  9. Abstract format
  10. Presentation approval guidelines
  11. Presentation format
  12. Instructions for abstract submissions by post
  13. Instructions for on on-line abstract submissions
  14. Guidelines for abstract preparation

1. Presentation ( Discussion ) Language
a) English
b) Japanese

2. Types of Poster Exhibits
a) Academic Exhibits (Basic and clinical research)
b) Case Exhibits (Case reports with academic significance)

3. Categories of Topics
See the category list below and choose up to three items by number which match with your presentation.
01. Craniofacial morphology
02. Growth and development
03. Oral physiology
04. Etiology and epidemiology
05. Biomechanics
06. Histology
07. Biochemistry and molecular biology
08. Bio-materials
09. Computer
10. Statistics
11. Dental education
12. Hospital management
13. Diagnosis
14. Orthodontic appliances and treatment mechanics
15. Surgical-orthodontic treatment
16. TMD
17. Comprehensive dental treatment
18. Development of occlusion
19. Retention
20. Oral hygiene
21. Cleft lip and palate
22. Congenital anomaly
23. Maxillary protrusion
24. Mandibular protrusion
25. Deep bite
26. Open bite
27. Bimaxillary protrusion
28. Crowding
29. Asymmetry
30. Impacted teeth
31. Others

4. Presenter Requirement
Presenters are required to register for the Meeting in advance.

5. How to Submit Abstracts

A) On-line abstract submission (suggested)
B) Abstract submission by e-mail
( Please ask the Registration Secretariat for an Abstract Submission Form and other information.)


6. Deadlines for Abstract Submissions

A) By e-mail: Submissions must be received by May 2 (Fri.) , 2008
B) On-line: Submissions must be received by May 7 (Wed.) , 2008. 12:00 p.m. On-line abstract submission is strongly suggested. Deletion or revision of abstracts is not allowed for abstracts submitted by e-mail, while on-line submitted abstracts can be altered as many times as needed if done by the deadline.


7. Notification of Acceptance
A) Acceptance decisions
All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Committee for Scientific Program of JOS. Selected abstracts may be subjected to a change in the types of poster exhibit or in the categories of topic.
B) Methods of notification
For on-line submitted abstracts: acceptance will be posted on the web page ( in late June. (No individual notification to the applicant will be made) . For abstracts submitted by e-mail: notification will be sent by e-mail in late June.

8. Flowchart of Abstract Submission

9. Abstract format

The text of the abstract should be written in English and within 250 words and include the following points and words in the abstract:
a) Academic exhibits :
1<Objective> 2) <Materials and Methods> 3) <Results and Discussion> 4) <Conclusion>
b) Case exhibits :
1) <Objective> 2) <Case Presentation> 3) <Discussion and Summary>


10. Presentation approval guidelines

Please fulfill the conditions below:

a) Academic exhibits (basic research, clinical research, devices) .
  1. Format: Follow the "14. Guidelines for abstract presentation."
  2. Contents: Must be an original research.
  3. Title of the presentation: The outline of the research must be stated succinctly.
  4. Objective: Should express the purpose of the research clearly.
  5. Materials and methods: Must use the proper materials and methods for the given purpose. For human trials, the Helsinki Declaration (adopted 1964, amended 1989) must be followed. For animal trials, it must be ethically conducted according to the "Guidelines for Affiliated Research Institutions on Animal Testing."
  6. Results and Discussion: The results must be clearly stated. For quantitative data, the proper statistical analyses must be done. Discussion must be done logically.
  7. Conclusion: Conclusion must be stated clearly and should not be incomplete or predictive in nature. Must conform to the title and purpose of the presentation.
b) Case exhibits (Case reports with academic significance) .
  1. Format: Follow the "14. Guidelines for abstract presentation. "
  2. Contents: Must be a case report of academic significance.
  3. Title of the presentation: The purpose of the presentation and the specifics of the case must be stated succinctly.
  4. Objective: Should express the purpose clearly.
  5. Case presentation: Explanations must be made clear under the stated purpose.
  6. Discussion and summary: Discussion must be logical and explicit.

11. Presentation format
The display of poster exhibits will not change through the 2 days (on Sep. 17, and 18) . Discussions will be held from 15:00-16:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sep. 18.
Presenters should attach an ID photo (color, 2L size) at the left side of the title and be in front of your own exhibit at the designated time.
We will prepare a panel, 120 cm width x 210 cm height, for the poster presentation. For those who require a desk (90 cm x 45 cm, height 70 cm) or an electrical outlet (indicate wattage) , please indicate in the proper column in the Abstract Submission Form. Please note that when using the desk, the size of the panel will be reduced to 140 cm height. Moreover, presenters use only one panel for an abstract on regular basis.

12. Instructions for abstract submissions by e-mail

Abstracts submitted by e-mail will be input on-line by the Registration Secretariat. Please be careful in preparing your abstracts, as those who are against the rules for submission may not be accepted for presentation. Those who have www access are requested to register their abstracts on-line if possible.

a) Method of submission by e-mail:
Download an Abstract Submission Form and submit the filled Abstract submission Form to the Secretarait.

b) Deadline for submission by e-mail:
Must be received by May 2 (Fri.) , 2008. Please note that the e-mail deadline is before the deadline for on-line abstract submissions. Also please beware that abstracts received after the deadline cannot be accepted.

13. Instructions for on on-line abstract submissions

Please read carefully the instructions below and submit your abstract before the deadline.

a) Computer environment
The Registration Secretariat bears no responsibility for any problems with submission of abstracts due to the user's computer environment.

b) Deadline for on-line submissions
The on-line submission page will be closed on May 7 (Wed.) , 2008 12:00 p.m. Access to the home page is expected to become congested right before the deadline. It is recommended that you submit your abstract beforehand and avoid sending it immediately before the deadline, as unexpected problems may arise.

c) Difference between the registration and confirmation pages
Use the registration page when submitting your abstract for the first time. To make any revisions, use the confirmation page of your registered abstract. At this time, you will need the automatically issued registration number and the password you have input. Please write down the registration number and password and put them in safekeeping. You will be using the registration page only once for each abstract you register, and the confirmation page will be used thereafter. Please note that if you use the registration page for revisions, the same abstract will be duplicated.

14. Guidelines for abstract preparation

Irrespective of on-line submissions or submissions by e-mail, please carefully read the following guidelines before submitting your abstract. Again, as abstracts submitted by e-mail will be input on-line by the Registration Secretariat, the following information applies to both on-line submissions and submissions by e-mail excluding a) Data Input and j) Completion of Submission.

a) Data Input (for on-line submissions only)
1) Indentation
Fill in blank spaces by aligning left. This also applies to the text of the abstract.
2) Mandatory items
Items indicated as "required" are necessary items. Registration cannot be completed unless they are all filled out.
3) Categories of topics
There is a list box of categories of topics. Select one from the list box.

b) Measures
As a general rule, use CGS ( centimeter-gram-second ) units for measures.

c) Title of the abstract
The title of the abstract should be in English and within 15 words. Capital letter should be used as the head of the first word of the title only.

d) Affiliation
The number of affiliations must be 10 or less. Please also limit the number of author and co-authors to 15 or less.

e) Text of the abstract
The text of the abstract should be written in English and within 250 words and include the following points and words in the abstract:

< Objective >
< Materials and Methods>
< Results and Discussion>
< Conclusion >
*Please refer to "10. Presentation approval guidelines" and "9. Abstract formats".

It is recommended that the text of the abstract be prepared using your word processing software and be pasted onto the form using the copy and paste functions. However, returns will be automatically deleted upon registration. Therefore, although you are welcome to use returns in preparing your abstract, the position of the return may differ between your submission and what appears on the registration page.

Within the text of the abstract, superscripts, subscripts, italics, bold type and underlines may be used. Please read the instructions given immediately before the column for abstract text on the registration page.

f) Graphs and Tables
Abstracts cannot contain either graphs or tables.

g) Trademarks
As a general rule, use of trademark names is not permitted. When inevitable, please write it in parentheses after the generic name. Trademarked names cannot be used in the title of the presentation.

h) References
When reference sources are required, please write it in the form of "First author (Journal abbreviation, issued year) " in the end of the abstract.

i) Application for the use of desk and electrical outlets
Please fill in the check boxes if required. Also, please indicate wattage in using any electrical items except PC.
Japan operates on 100 volts for electrical appliances. The frequency is 50 Hz in eastern Japan including Tokyo and 60 Hz in western Japan including Kyoto and Osaka.
The sockets of poster exhibits room accept a two-leg plug only. Most U.S. products not requiring 3-way sockets can be used. However, please check the manual of your computer or electric equipment beforehand.

j) Completion of submission (for on-line submissions only)
1) After entering the data on the registration page, click "next" at the bottom of the page and the confirmation page will appear. After confirming the input data, click the registration button. At this time, abstract registration will be completed.

2) The password is essential in referring to and revising your registered abstract. The password entered here will be required for any revisions thereafter. If you misplace your password, we cannot answer your inquiries for security reasons.

3) The page indicating that your registration is completed will appear. Once you register, a registration number will be automatically issued. Using this registration number and the password you have input, your abstract can be revised as many times as you desire period before the deadline.
Note: Please write down and save your registration number and password. If you misplace them, you will not be able to refer to or revise your abstract. Any inquires about the abstract should be made to the Registration Secretariat.

Registration Secretariat:

Secretariat of the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Orthodontic Society ( Registration Secretariat )
c/o Inter Group Corp.
Toranomon Takagi Bldg., 1-7-2, Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3597-1127 Fax: +81-3-3597-1097
E-mail :

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