Research Conferences for Cancer 3-D Culture

Letter from Chief

On behalf of "Research Society for C3DC" organizers, I would like to send a brief message to all the cancer research community.

In detail

What is "cancer 3D culture"?

Our research aim is the elucidation of mechanisms underlying cancer therapy resistance based on the recent technologies for cancer 3D culture.

In detail


Koji Okamoto
 (Chief, National Cancer Center
 Research Institute)
Noriko Gotoh
 (Professor, Cancer Research
 Institute of Kanazawa Univ)
Satoshi Inoue
 (Leader, Tokyo Metropolitan
 Institute of Gerontology)

Upcoming Conference

The 1st Research Conference
Date:December 11 (Mon), 2017 (starts from 14:00)
Venue:National Cancer Center
 Research Institute, Tokyo

Program - Coming soon



The 1st Research Conference has been announced.