The 4th Mt. Fuji Network Forum

Information for Participant

Instructions for Oral Presentations

For oral presenters

1. Oral presentations must be presented with Microsoft PowerPoint. We prepare PowerPoint 2007 to 2016 on Windows 10. Please prepare your presentation with default Windows fonts such as Century, Century Gothic, Arial, Times New Roman, and Symbol. If you use movies in your presentation, please make sure that the movies can be played with the standard codec included in Windows 10 with its original installation state. WMV and MP4 are recommended movie format to embed within presentation file. Windows Media Player will be also available during presentation (but you should break your presentation). QuickTime for Windows (.mov,) is no longer supported by Apple. We strongly recommend to bring your movies in separate file.
2. Presentation will be shown in only one main screen.

Please copy your presentation data in a USB memory and bring it to the Speaker preview room. No other type of media (CD, DVD, BD, etc.) is acceptable.

4. Please scan your media with anti-virus software in advance.
5. If you want to use a PowerPoint file made with Mac, we recommend bringing your own Mac.
6. If you want to use your own PC for your presentation, please bring VGA connector and AC adaptor. HDMI and DVI are not available. Also please turn off Screensaver, energy saving, security lock beforehand.
7. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND to check your presentation thoroughly in the Speaker preview space if you bring YOUR OWN PC/Mac.
Please visit the speakers’ preview space and upload your presentation or check your own PC/Mac at your earliest convenience, and no later than 1 hour before the session, except session #1 (30min before the session). You can bring your data the day before. Please be seated in the Next Speakers area 10 minutes before your presentation if you upload your data. If you bring your own PC/Mac, please come 20 minutes before your presentation.
1F Near Reception of the forum (Not reception of the hotel)
Opening Hours
17:00-19:00, Thursday, February 21st.
(Only on 21st, the preview place will move to the entrance of the party venue on the 6F.)
7:30-17:00, Friday, February 22nd
7:00-10:00, Saturday, February 23rd
10. You can use a mouse and a keyboard at the podium during presentation.