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Cherry blossoms at Nagoya Castle

There is a canal for supplying water to Nagoya Castle from a stream of a natural river named Shonai-river running at northern part of Nagoya City. The construction was completed in 1612 during Edo period. Now the canal was lined with cherry trees. The sign standing beside the trees says ” The trees of “Somei-yoshino” was planted by the young men's association in this town in 1954.” They are so huge and showing wonderful flowers. I could not believe that they are just the same age as me.

Cherry blossom at Nagoya Castle on 30 March 2013

The most popular type of cherry blossoms is the hybrid of Cerasus × Yedoensis (Matsum.) A.V.Vassil. ‘Somei-yoshino’

Yutaka Miura, M.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor at Molecular Neurosciences
Department of Molecular Neurobiology
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Nagoya City University

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