Vol.85  No.4  (December 2020)

Yoshizawa, S., Ikemoto, E. and Kogure, K.
Technical note: Visualization of Bacteria (Vibrio alginolyticus) as They Really Are by Atomic Force Microscopy ..... 261–262
Nishioka, S., Sakamoto, T. and Matsunaga, S.
Cytologia Focus: Roles of BRAHMA and Its Interacting Partners in Plant Chromatin Remodeling ..... 263–267
Marques, A. M., Nogueira, A. M., da Silva Ferreira, M. F. and Clarindo, W. R.
Evaluating the Karyotype and DNA Sequence Stability of in vitro Psidium guajava L. Plantlets ..... 269–274
Das, D., Gupta, S. and Datta, A. K.
Effectivity of Plant Aqueous Extracts of Curcuma longa and Nigella sativa in Cancer Therapy through Ameliorating Colchicine Induced Polyploid Cells in Allium as Test System ..... 275–280
Shafiee, P., Amini, F., Mirzaghaderi, G., Mortazavian, S. M. M. and Noori, S. A. S.
Karyotype Analysis in Six Species of Lolium and Festuca (Poaceae) ..... 281–288
Karyological Analysis of Endemic Five Muscari Taxa ..... 289–294
Tapia-Pastrana, F.
Differential Amphiplasty and Nucleolar Dominance in Somatic Metaphase Cells as Evidence of Hybridization in Prosopis juliflora (Leguminosae, Mimosoideae) ..... 295–299
Kiran, Y., Pınar, S. M., Dogan, G. and Eroğlu, H.
A Karyomorphological Study on the Genus Muscari Miller Growing in Turkey ..... 301–305
Miyakawa, I., Matsuo, E., Yagi, R., Inai, T. and Morifuku, Y.
Isolation of Interspore Bridges from the Budding Yeast Saccharomycodes ludwigii ..... 307–312
Sobhakumari, V. P.
Evolutionary Dynamics of Chromosomal Diversity in Saccharum spontaneum Population from Punjab and Haryana, India ..... 313–318
Tanaka, W. and Hirano, H.-Y.
The Roles of Two FLORAL ORGAN NUMBER Genes, FON1 and FON2, Differ in Axillary Meristem Development ..... 319–324
Gantayat, S., Nayak, S. P., Badamali, S. K., Pradhan, C. and Das, A. B.
Analysis on Cytotoxicity and Oxidative Damage of Iron Nano-Composite on Allium cepa L. Root Meristems ..... 325–332
Kono, Y., Peng, C.-I., Oginuma, K., Liu, Y., Xu, W.-B., Yang, H.-A. and Chung, K.-F.
Cytological Study of Begonia Sect.Coelocentrum (Begoniaceae) ..... 333–340
Sobhakumari, V. P., Mohanraj, K., Nair, N. V., Mahadevaswamy, H. K. and Ram, B.
Cytogenetic and Molecular Approaches to Detect Alien Chromosome Introgression and Its Impact in Three Successive Generations of Erianthus procerus × Saccharum ..... 341–346

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