Vol.84  No.3  (September 2019)

Miyamura, S., Ichihara, K., Yamazaki, T., Kuwano, K. and Kawano, S.
Technical note: Visualization of Gamete Mating Structure of Marine Green Alga by FE-SEM .....191-192
Kawano, S.
History and New Developments on the 90th Anniversary of Cytologia: On the Occasion of the Publication of "Dawn of Modern Wheat Genetics".....193-198
Lekhapan, P., Anamthawat-Jónsson, K. and Chokchaichamnankit, P.
Chromosome Evolution Based on Variation in Chromosome Number and Chiasma Frequency in the Genus Ocimum L. from Thailand .....199-206
Khan, N. A., Singhal, V. K., Tantray, Y. R. and Gupta, R. C.
Report of Intraspecific Polyploidy (2x, 6x) in Rorippa palustris,Brassicaceae from Cold Deserts of Ladakh Division (J & K), India .....207-210
Kumar, G. and Pandey, A.
Cytogenetical Investigation of a Translocation Heterozygote Induced by Gamma Rays in Coriandrum sativum L. .....211-214
Pramanik, A., Datta, A. K., Gupta, S., Basu, S., Das, D. and Ghosh, B.
Cytotoxicity Assessment of Heavy Metal Arsenic (Arsenic Trioxide) Using Nigella sativa L. (Black Cumin) as Test System .....215-219
Kobayashi, K., Suzuki, M. and Nagata, N.
Wax-Deficient Arabidopsis Mutant cer1-1 Shows Abnormal Tapetosomes, Elaioplasts, and Pollen Coat .....221-225
Tantray, Y. R., Singhal, V. K., Khan, N. A. and Gupta, R. C.
Cytomorphological Evaluation of Intraspecific 2x and 4x Cytotypes in Tragopogon pratensis L. —An Important Medicinal Plant of Cold Deserts of Ladakh, India .....227-231
Singh, V., Gupta, R. C., Kaur, K., Kataria, R. C. and Kumar, R.
Male Meiotic Studies in Six Species of Pedicularis L. from Churdhar and Adjoining Hills of Sirmaur District (H. P.), India .....233-236
Bhowmick, B. K. and Jha, S.
Differences in Karyotype and Fluorochrome Banding Patterns among Variations of Trichosanthes cucumerina with Different Fruit Size .....237-245
Hatami, E., Bordbar, F. and Mirtadzadini, M.
New Chromosome Numbers in Scorzonera, subgenera Podospermum and Pseuodopodospermum (Cichorieae, Asteraceae) .....247-250
Tantray, Y. R., Singhal, V. K., Khan, N. A. and Gupta, R. C.
Impact of Structural Heterozygosity on Pollen Fertility and Chiasma Frequency in Leontopodium jacotianum from the Cold Deserts of Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir), India .....251-254
Ozeki, M., Komatsu, K., Mitsui, Y. and Wakui, K.
Genetic and Cytological Investigation of Genic Male Sterility in Brassica rapa ssp. rapa ʻKida-aokabuʼ and ʻTennhoji-kabuʼ .....255-261
Basu, S., Datta, A. K., Pramanik, A., Gupta, S., Das, D., Karmakar, R. and Ghosh, B.
Assessment of Cytotoxicity Induced by Heavy Metal Arsenic Trioxide and Azo-Dye Metanil Yellow in Allium cepa Assay and Aqueous Plant Extracts Mediated Amelioration .....263-269
Jeloudar, N. I., Chamani, E., Shokouhian, A.-a. and Zakaria, R. A.
Induction and Identification of Polyploidy by Colchicine Treatment in Lilium regale .....271-276
Yasuhara, H. and Kurisu, W.
A Kinesin-Related Protein, TBK11, Associates with the Nuclear Envelope throughout the Cell Cycle in Tobacco BY-2 Cells .....277-283
Yasuhara, H. and Kitamoto, K.
TBK11, a Tobacco Kinesin-14-II, Associates with the Nuclear Envelope through Its Central Coiled-Coil Domain .....285-291

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