Vol.76  No.4  (December 2011)

Suto, Y., Akiyama, M., Sugiura, N. and Hirai, M.
Technical Note:Multiplex Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Visualizes a Wide Range of Numerical and Structural Chromosome Changes Induced in Cultured Human Lymphocytes by Ionizing Radiation ·····373–374
Kumar, G. and Srivastava, N.
Gamma Ray Induced Cytomorphological Variations in Sesbania cannabina Poir.····375–380
Gulfi shan, M., Khan, A. H. and Jafri, I. F.
Genotoxic Effects Induced by Methyl Methane Sulphonate in 2 Cultivars of Capsicum annuum L. ····381–385
Singhal, V. K. and Kaur, D.
Cytomixis and Associated Abnormalities during Male Meiosis in a New Tetraploid Cytotype of Vicia pallida Turcz. (Fabaceae) ·····387–393
Sheidai, M., Eftekharian, R., Gholipoor, A. and Noormohammadi, Z.
Population Diversity and Polyploidy Incidence in 3 Silene Species. A Cytological Approach ······395–402
Jeelani, S. M., Rani, S., Kumar, S., Kumari, S. and Gupta, R. C.
Evaluation of Cytomorphological Diversity in Filipendula vestita (Wall. ex G. Don) Maxim., (Rosaceae) from Western Himalayas ····403–410
Tian, B.-m., Yan, B., Gao, J.-y., Si, Y.-h. and Zang, X.
Dissecting 2 Meiotic Mutations (dmc1 and asy1) in Artifi cial Autopolyploid Arabidopsis thaliana ······411–423
Sheidai, M. and Alijanpoo, B.
Karyotype Analysis in Some Salvia species (Lamiaceae) of Iran ······425–429
Imoto, Y., Nishida, K., Yagisawa, F., Yoshida, Y., Ohnuma, M., Yoshida, M., Fujiwara, T., Kuroiwa, H., Kawano, S. and Kuroiwa, T.
Involvement of Elongation Factor-1α in Cytokinesis without Actomyosin Contractile Ring in the Primitive Red Alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae ······431–437
Mir, I. H., Channa, A. and Nabi, S.
Chloride and Pavement Cells in the Gills of Snow Trout, Schizothorax curvifrons Heckel (Teleost, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae ·····439–444
Tanomtong, A., Khunsook, S., Boonhan, P., Sangpadee, W., Pinthong, K. and Sanoamuang, L.
The First Karyotype Study of Lesser Bamboo Rat, Cannomys badius (Rodentia, Rhizomyinae) by Conventional, GTG-, CBG-, Ag-NOR Banding, and High-Resolution Techniques ·····445–454
Kato, S., Imoto, Y., Ohnuma, M., Matsunaga, T. M., Kuroiwa, H., Kawano, S., Kuroiwa, T. and Matsunaga,S.
Aurora Kinase of the Red Alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae is Related to Both Mitochondrial Division and Mitotic Spindle Formation ·····455–462
Tanomtong, A., Khunsook, S., Seatung, N., Sangpadee, W., Kaewsri, S. and Sanoamuang, L.
Karyotype Study of Five Species of the Family Viverridae in Thailand by High Resolution GTG-Banding Technique ·····463–473
Röhner, E., Perka, C., Andreas, K., Kielbassa, A. M., Matziolis, G. and Pischon, N.
Comparable Effects of Polyhexanide and Chlorhexidine on Cell Viability of Primary Human Chondrocytes ·····475–482
Alam, S. S., Sukur, M. B. and Zaman, Md. Y.
Karyotype Analysis in 2 Morphological Forms of Xanthium strumarium L. ·····483–488

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