Vol.75  No.3  (September  2010)

Hirata, A.
Technical note: Meiosis I in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Rapid-Freeze Electron Microscopy ..... 221-222
Sánchez, S., Swarca, A. C. and Fenocchio, A. S.
Cytogenetic Studies and Evolutive Considerations in Species of the Calophysus Group (Siluriformes, Pimelodinae) ..... 223-227
Farghaly, A. A. and Abo-Zeid, M. A. M.
Protective Effect of Vitamin C on Trimethyltin Induced DNA Damage Using Comet Assay and Chromosomal Aberrations ..... 229-236
Biswal, J. R., Sahoo, P. K. and Mohanty, P. K.
Karyotypic Diversity of Some Freshwater Fish Species in Rural Ponds of Orissa, India .....237-242
Barakat, I. A. H., Hassan, A. M., Alam, S. S. and Khalil, W. K. B.
Genetic and Biochemical Effects of Natural Extracts on in Vitro Maturation of Egyptian Buffalo Oocytes ..... 243-253
Miura, N. and Iwatsubo, Y.
Cytogeography of Glechoma hederacea subsp. grandis (Labiatae) in Japan..... 255-260
Lekhak, M., Adsul, A. A. and Yadav, S. R.
Karyotype Analysis of Chlorophytum kolhapurense Sardesai, S. P. Gaikwad & S. R. Yadav: A Rare Endemic from Northern Western Ghats ..... 261-266
Uchiyama, A., Arai, Y., Kobayashi, T., Tigyi, G. and Murakami-Murofushi, K.
Transcellular Invasion of MM1 Rat Ascites Hepatoma Cells Requires Matrix Metalloproteinases Derived from Host Mesothelium ..... 267-272
Malik, R. A., Gupta, R. C. and Kumari, S.
Genetic Diversity in Different Populations of Artemisia absinthium Linn. from Kashmir Himalaya ..... 273-276
Nathewet, P., Hummer, K. E., Yanagi, T., Iwatsubo, Y. and Sone, K.
Karyotype Analysis in Octoploid and Decaploid Wild Strawberries in Fragaria (Rosaceae) ..... 277-288
Kaur, S., Singhal, V. K. and Kumar, P.
Male Meiotic Studies in Some Plants of Polypetalae from Dalhousie Hills (Himachal Pradesh) ..... 289-297
Bala, S., Kaushal, B., Goyal, H. and Gupta, R. C.
A Case of Synaptic Mutant in Erigeron karvinskianus DC. (Latin American Fleabane) ..... 299-304
Das, A., Datta, A. K., Bhattacharya, A., Bhittacharyya, A. and Ghose, S.
EMS Induced Mutagenesis in Poshita and Jawahar 22 of Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Solanaceae) ..... 305-311
Kaur. H., Gupta. A., Kumari, S. and Gupta, R. C.
Meiotic Studies in Poa annua L. from Different Altitudinal Ranges of North India ..... 313-318
Nishiyama, R., Ishii, K., Kifune, E., Kazama,Y., Nishihara, K., Matsunaga, S., Shinozaki, K. and Kawano, S.
Sex Chromosome Evolution Revealed by Physical Mapping of SlAP3X/Y in the Dioecious Plant Silene latifolia ..... 319-325

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