Vol. 68  No.4  (December 2003)

Saitwal, V. M., Mehetre, S. S., Sonone, A. H. and Gawande, V. L.
Cytomorphology of F1, F2, Backcross Generations of Interspecific Cross Between Gossypium arboreum × Gossypium anomalum ..... 317-327
Cequea, H., Diaz de Cequea, D., Imery, J. and Nirchio, M.
Cytogenetic Study of Paracentric Inversions in Tridax procumbens (Compositae)..... 329-333
Peng, Z. S., Yang, J. and Zheng, G. C. (Cheng, K. C.)
Cytomixis in Pollen Mother Cells of New Synthetic Hexaploid Amphidiploid (Aegilops tauschii × Triticum turgidum) ..... 335-340
Boldrini, K. R., Bione, N. C. P. and Pagliarini, M. S.
Chromosome Transfer among Pollen Mother Cells of Garden Crotons (Codiaeum variegatum Blume) ..... 341-344
de Souza, L., Giuliano-Caetano, L. and Dias, A. L.
Karyotypic Study of Three Species of Pimelodus (Pisces, Pimelodidae) from the Paraguai River Basin ..... 345-350
de Souza, M. M., Martins, E. R., Pereira, T. N. S. and de Oliveira, L. O.
Reproductive Studies in Ipecac (Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Brot.) A. Rich; Rubiaceae): Flower Bud and Anther Size Associated to Male Gamete Development Stages..... 351-356
Sinha. S., Guha, A. and Sinha, R. K.
Karyotype and Sex Expression in Trichosanthes dioica ..... 357-361
Fenocchio, A. S., Bertollo, L. A. C., Takahashi, C. S., Dias, A. L. and Swarça, A. C.
Cytogenetic Studies and Correlate Considerations on Rhamdiinae Relationships (Pisces, Siluroidei, Pimelodidae) ..... 363-368
Pushpalatha, T., Reddy, P. R., Trivikram, G. and Reddy, P. S.
Reduced Spermatogenesis in Rats Exposed Transplacentally to Hydroxyprogesterone ..... 369-373
Mujawar, I. I., Gaikwad, S. P. and Yadav, S. R.
Cytological Studies in Wiesneria triandra (Dalz.) Micheli (Alismataceae) ..... 375-378
Soontornchainaksaeng, P., Chantaranothai, P. and Senakun, C.
Genetic Diversity of Croton L. (Euphorbiaceae) in Thailand ..... 379-382
Datta, A. K., Ghosh, A. and Sengupta, S.
Highly Unstable Male Meiosis in Two Aberrant Plants Isolated from the Mutant Population of Nigella damascena. L. (love-in-a-mist) ..... 383-388
Fazoli, L. C., Silva, V. A. B., Portela-Castro, A. L. B. and Júlio Júnior, H. F.
Chromosome Characterization of Astyanax sp B (Characidae, Tetragonopterinae), an Endemic Species of the Iguaçu River, Parahá, Brazil ..... 389-394
Matsumoto, S. T., Mantovani, M. S., Mallaguti, M. I. and Marin-Morales, M. A.
Investigation of the Genotoxic Potential of the Waters of a River Receiving Tannery Effluents by Means of the in vitro Comet Assay ..... 395-401
Garcia, C., Moreira-Filho, O., Bertollo, L. A. C. and Centofante, L.
B Chromosomes and Natural Triploidy in Rhamdia sp. (Pisces, Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) ..... 403-411
Hanmoto, H., Fujikawa, K., Itoh, T. and Yonezawa, Y.
Repetitious Production of Similar Karyotypes in Different Plants of Haplopappus gracilis, an Annual Asteraceae, Following Exposure to lonizing Radiation ..... 413-424
Lombello, R. A. and Pinto-Maglio. C. A. F.
Cytogenetic Studies in Psilanthus ebracteolatus Hiern., a Wild Diploid Coffee Species ..... 425-429
Suto, Y., Ishida, T. and Hirai, M.
Multicolor Karyotyping of Six Old World Monkey Species ..... 431-436

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