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Greeting from the Newly Elected President



I am Akio IKEDA, and I am very pleased make the welcome message to all of you who have visited our home page of JES.

I have been appointed as the president of JES since November 2017, having succeeded from Prof. Makiko Osawa. It is the first time in the history of JES that the neurologist was elected as the president of JES.

JES has had the brilliant history of the professional, academic society for the epilepsy, as the chapter of ILAE in the last more than 50 years with the close collaboration with good harmony among neuropsychiatry, pediatric neurology, neurosurgery and neurology as well as basic science and medical professionals.

Currently the membership of JES is more than 3000, which is the second largest chapter within ILAE. It has rapidly increased in memberships since the beginning of 21st century, because many medical and social concerns in epilepsy have newly developed such as rapid increase of elderly epilepsy, autoimmune epilepsy, new techniques of epilepsy surgery, and social aspect of epilepsy care system in Japan, i.e., nationwide standardization of epilepsy care.

AS the present of JES or on behalf of JES, I sincerely propose my action plan as follows, “best care, best research, and future”, namely, “ mission for clinical care, education, research and social aspect” .

The context of epilepsy significantly varies but commonly closely interrelated aspects such as basic medicine, clinical medicine, treatment and care/social aspcts. Due to improving mutual links, i.e., translatability, epilepsy is expected to become a curable disease in the very near future. Providing the best “care” requires constant backup from basic and clinical “research”, being two halves of the whole.

The key to this goal is lifelong, continuous education by which we can pass the current research to the “future”. These thoughts underlie this action plan.

Our final goal should be to cure epilepsy, hoping that people with epilepsy live in the society with little problems related to epilepsy.

With my best wishes, 




Japan Epilepsy Society





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