No, We Can't !
It's NOT the change we wanted.

医者にも見放されて、いよいよあきまへんな。あと3年も残してlame duckとは。そして次は共和党と決めてしまうような大失態になるとは・・・世界一高い医療費と言いますが、お金持ちと保険会社とビッグファーマ・医療機 器産業と医療機関・お医者さんの間でお金をぐるぐる回してうまく行ってたわけでしょ。退職者はメディケア、貧乏人はメディケイドという「セー フティネット」を言い訳にして、国民の皆様は納得していた。

一番の悲願の政策でこんなに早く自爆するとは・・・。マラソンのスタート直後、いや、スタート位置についた時に転んで骨折したようなもんで しょ。危機管理もダメージコントロールも何もかもなかったってことです。the Best and the Brightestより酷い。彼、裸の王様だったんか。

Physician Reimbursements Trending Lower in Insurance Exchanges By Joe Elia

Physicians treating patients enrolled in the insurance-exchange plans created under the Affordable Care Act may be reimbursed at much lower rates than they're used to, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Blue Shield of California, for instance, sent amendments to their providers asking them to accept rates up to 30% lower for insurance-exchange patients. The president of the state's medical association said, "This doesn't make a whole lot of sense for us."

In New York, UnitedHealth's amendments offer "less than $40 for a typical office visit and about $20 for reading a mammogram." The Journal reports that fees for some office visits "are less than half of what doctors in the city say they receive for treating people covered by employer-sponsored insurance."

Some physicians are opting out. Experts worry, according to the report, that a stratified system will emerge, offering fewer choices of physicians to patients with insurance-exchange coverage.

Wall Street Journal story (Subscription required)