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The C.G. Jung Institute was founded in 1948 to disseminate the insights of one of the 19th to 20th century's greatest thinkers-those which were developed over more than 60 years of clinical practice as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Located along the banks of Lake Zurich in one of the most elegant residential areas, upon first glance, one may momentarily fear to have stumbled accidentally onto a private estate. However, quickly checking back at the gate will confirm the presence of an unpretentious sign stating that this is indeed the "C.G. Jung Institute". The unique ambiance of this institution of higher learning extends itself to the interior of the ages-old building where rather mature students gather quietly in small groups along the hallways, deep in discussion on some idea which a recent lecture, analysis or dream has provided them with, or simply passing the time of day. Faculty, staff and students greet each other in a friendly, but somewhat reserved manner. Although the superficial appearance is of a subdued, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, one can sense the constant activity which is going on at a much deeper level.


* 50th Anniversary Gala! *

The C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Various events including special lectures and an art exhibition will be conducted in May, 1998.

* 50周年記念行事! *


* Open Lectures *

A listing of the general open lectures available in English, for the summer semester of 1998 (April 20th〜July 17th)is available.

* 公開講義 *


* Summer Intensive Study Program *

Those who have time for a two-week vacation in July may also consider the "Summer Intensive Study Program" (July 6th-17th). Although it's fairly expensive($1600), this can be considered a self-contained course under some of the most renowned lecturers of the institute, covering topics in analytical psychology with an emphasis on symbolic material. It includes attendance at choice seminars which are usually open only to matriculated students of the institute. A listing of the lectures and seminars is available at the IAAP site. The lectures in this program are the same as those offered under the open lectures for this part of the semester.

* 夏期集中プログラム *


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