The 8th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Tissue Engineering

September 1 (Thu) and 2 (Fri), 2005

Tokyo Akasaka Prince Hotel (1-2 Kioichou, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

President: Tsuyoshi Takato, Director, Division of Tissue Engineering,

University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan




Keynote Lectures

1.        “Regulating Function of Engineered Tissues”

Keynote Speaker: David Mooney (Harvard University)


2.        “Clinical Aspects of Tissue Engineering”

Keynote Speaker: Neil Rushton (Cambridge University)



1.        “Common Themes and Strategies in Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine”

Chairpersons: Makoto Asashima (Tokyo University) and Norio Nakatsuji (Kyoto University)


2.        “Cell and Tissue Culture Methods in Regenerative Medicine”

Chairpersons: Joji Ando (Tokyo University) and Takashi Ushida (Tokyo University)


3.        “Biomaterials and Drug Delivery System in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”

Chairpersons: Kazunori Kataoka (Tokyo University) and Yasuhiko Tabata (Kyoto University)


4.        “Merging Tactics for Neovascularization in Tissue Engineering and Clinical Trials”

Chairpersons: Junzo Tanaka (National Institute for Materials Science) and Takehiko Oura (Pressure Ulcer & Wound Healing Research Center (Kojin-kai))


5.        “Support Technologies, Regulations and Industrialization of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine”

Chairpersons: Masahiro Anzai (RIKEN) and Masayuki Yamato (Tokyo

Women’s Medical University)


Panel Discussions

“Clinical Applications of Tissue Engineering: Present and Future”

Chairpersons: Teruo Okano (Tokyo Women’s Medical University) and Hajime Ohgushi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


Luncheon Seminars

Supported by 4 pharmaceutical and medical device companies


Oral and Poster Presentations






Secretary General: Ung-il Chung, Vice Director, Division of Tissue Engineering University of Tokyo Hospital

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