21st Century COE Program Human Nutritional Science on Stress Control
Research Aim
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Call for Graduate Students
Nine laboratories are recruiting prospective doctoral course students from various backgrounds. Besides the graduates from the university of Tokushima, the number of applicants with diversified educational fields is remarkably increasing year after year.
We are sincerely dedicated to establish the educational environment where the students can focus on their interests.
We can provide the doctoral course students with COE research assistants with which they can build up academic experiences as well as gain financial support from the 21st century COE program. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to make the best use of this opportunity.
Graduate School of Nutrition and Biosciences
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The School consists of 2 subdivision (Human Nutrition Sciences and Food Material and Function) and 9 departments Molecular Nutrition, Nutritional Physiology, Preventive Environment and Nutrition, Food Science, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition and Metabolism, International Public Health Nutrition, Food Material Technology, Food Function Engineering).
The Graduate School is now recognized as the leading institution for education and research in in nutritional science, and has been contributing greatly to achieving its initial purpose by preparing graduates to work in other universities, research institutes and nutrition-related companies and by exchanging students and many researchers worldwide.
Contact Persons:

Prof. Eiji Takeda
Dept of Clinical Nutrition

Prof. Yutaka Nakaya
Dept of Nutrition and Metabolism

Prof. Junji Terao
Dept of Food Science

Prof. Ken-ichi Miyamoto
Dept of Molecular Nutrition

Graduate School of Medical Sciences
The school is divided into basically into 2 divisions (Medical and Proteomics), and there is an extensive cultural exchange not only between the divisions, but also among graduate schools at home and abroad. Since the task of the Graduate School is to foster "researchers with creativity who are independent to instruct others", students will have elaborate daily lives seeking to become "professional researchers competing their research toward the world."
Contact Persons:

Prof. Kazuhito Rokutan
Dept of Stress Science

Prof. Ryuji Kaji
Dept of Neurology

Prof. Tetsuro Ohmori
Dept of Psychiatry

Prof. Hiroyoshi Sei
Dept of Integrative Physiology

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
The school is one of the most active in the world and offers unsurpassed opportunities of research and career development.
Many laboratories in the course of Pharmaceutical Sciences carry out excellent fundamental research leading to drug discovery. The research presents the graduate students with the unique ability to carry out research chemically synthesizing and genetically producing new active molecules.
The graduate student in the course is exposed to science of drug discovery , drug action, and drug delivery.
The course has educated highly motivated scientists occupying major positions in the pharmaceutical companies and academia.
Contact Person:

Prof. Hiroshi Chuman
Dept of Theoretical Chemistry for Drug Discovery

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