Mårbacka; Home of Selma Lagerlöf

I have been to Mårbacka, a small village in Värmland which is located approximately 400 km west of Stockholm. Here, the house of Selma Lagerlöf, the author of "Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgelson", is kept as it used to be during her time. She was born and grew up here, but the estate was sold to other persons when her father died. After her success as a writer she repurchased it.
Mårbacka itself is a beautiful place, but I felt somewhat special about this visit. The story of Nils Holgelson made me really interested in Sweden when I was a child, and without that experience, I might not come to Sweden twenty years later.


Selma Lagerlöf's house

The view from the house.

"Mårbacka cake" according to Selma Lagerlöf's recipe.

Official website of Mårbacka;


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