@@The Annual Review of Japanese Health and Medical Sociology@@
No. 4 [May 1993]

PrefaceSaburo NISHI1

Keynote Address at the 18th Annual Scientific Meeting

Regional Health/Medical Plans and Local Health/Welfare PlansKyoichi SONODA2

Special Issue:
@@@ Improvement of the Planning on Community Health and Welfare
@@@ @@@ and the Contribution of Sociology

IntroductionKiyoshi SAKUMA10
Public Health Nursesf Activities for Adults and Aged PeopleMasako KANEKO14
Assessment of Functional Capacity of the ElderlyWataru KOYANO22
Some Conceptual Considerations about CHIIKI
@@@ and Health and Welfare Planning for the ElderlyToshikatsu ODA28


The Nursing of Dying Patients:
@@@ Its State of Affairs and Difficulties for NursesKoichiro KURODA34
A Symptomatological Study on Technostress and VDT DamageTadayoshi SHIMAMURA46