Prof. MAYNAGI Makoto

Dr. of Medicine, Acupuncturist, Pharmacist

Born: September, 1950

1977: BA at Science University of Tokyo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

1980: Graduated from Japanese School of Acupuncture

1981: Graduated from Beijing Yuyan Wenhua University, Modern Chinese Department

1983: Obtained MA at Beijing Zhongyi Yao University (Beijing University of Chinese Medical Pharmacology)

Research Fellow at Institute for the Study of Eastern Medicine, Kitasato Institute, Department of the History of Medicine

1992: Obtained Dr. of Medicine at Showa University, Department of Medicine

1996: Professor of the College of Humanities, National Ibaraki University

Major Publications
"Wakoku Kanseki Isho Shusei ( Chinese Medical Literature held in Japan)"vol.1-60, 1988-92, Tokyo

"Nihon Ban Chugoku Honzo Zuroku ( Japanese Editions of Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica)" vol.1-11, 1992-93, Tokyo

"Riben Xianzun Zhongguo Saniyi Guyiji ( Ancient Chinese Medical Material Retained in Japanese collections)" vol.1-3, 1997, 1998, 2000, Beijing

"Riben Xianzun Zhongguo Xiguan Guyiji Congshu (Collections of Ancient Chinese Medical Books Retained in Japan)" vol.1, 1999, Beijing