The Beautiful nature of Mitsuse Village

Please enjoy the photos of Beautiful nature of Mitsuse.
Please push the blue button "Photos No" in the below.

The scenery from the roof of my clinic. The red roof is my house.
I can see beautiful mountains and sky everyday.

üPhotos of Spring(1)iPalmARape blossomsj
üPhotos of Spring(2)iCherry BlossomsAHorsetailj
üPhotos of Spring(3) iCherry BlossomsADogwoodj
üPhotos of Spring(4) iAzalea,dandelion,Flogj
üPhotos of Summer(1)iHydrangeaj
üPhotos of Summer(2)iLotus,Rose,Pinkj
üPhotos of Summer(3)iGreen Misterious ButterflyASilk Treej
üPhotos of Autumn(1)iPerssimonACosmosj
üPhotos of Autumn(2)iChestnutADragonflyj
üPhotos of Autumn(3)iChrysanthemumj
üPhotos of Autumn(4)iRed or Yellow Nuts in the treej
üPhotos of harvest festival in my village
üPhotos of Winter (1)iTyrolian LampACamelliaAPansyj
üPhotos of Winter (2)iFrostARed Leavesj
üPhotos of Hokuzan Lake (Beautiful Lake 5 minutes drive from my clinic)

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