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Clinical Ethics Case Discussion and
Daily life of Japanese Primary Care Physician

Clinical Ethics Case Discussion

Case 1) HCM case (Unwise Treatment Refusal by Competent Patient)

Case 2) TB case (How to prevent infection to other people)

Case 3) Gastric Cancer Case ( Bad News Telling / Terminal Care )

Case 4) DM case of 18 year old female (How to treat non-compliance patient)

Case 5) Invasive mole of 18 year old female (Patient's privacy and the selection of therapy)

Case 6) Parents' Refusal for their children's Vaccination

Case 7) Ethical Problem related to Viagra

Case 8) 9) Informed Consent in Emergency Cases

Case 10) Chronic Pain Management

2000 Case 1) The Successful Businessman, Unsuccessful Patient

2000 Case 2) Elderly Patient, Unsafe Home (Japanese case)

2000 Case 3) Suspected child abuse (Japanese case)

2000 Case 6) How does the student to answer the Cancer patient's question?

2001 Case1) Orders Not to Resuscitate

2001 Case2) Dialysis for the Old female(treatment refusal)

2001 Case3) Treatment decision of the child of a single mother with mental Problem

2001 Case4) How to treat patient with suspected DV(Domestic Violence) ?

2001 Case5) How to tell the truth to the terminal stage patient.

Is it OK not to tell the bad news if the patient doesn't ask to tell the truth?

2001 Case6) How to carry out the DNR order

2002 Case1) The indication of tube feeding for the advanced Alzheimer's dementia.

International Network for Life Studies by Masahiro Morioka

Daily Life of Japanese Primary Care Physician

Photos of my family and clinic

Shirahama Family's private home page

Christmas Card of 2004 from Shirahama's NewI

Photos of Beautiful Nature of my Mitsuse Village

Carp Streamer (KOINOBORI) is the monument of Cildren's Day

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Lecturer, Department of General medicine, Saga Medical School

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