Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol46,No5

Mitral Valve Repair after Sternal Turnover with a Rectus Muscular Pedicle

Daisuke Takahashi* Norihiko Shiiya* Katsushi Yamashita*
Naoki Washiyama* Naoko Sakagami* Ken Yamanaka*
Kayoko Natsume*

(First Department of Surgery Hamamatsu University School of Medicine*, Hamamatsu, Japan)

A 58-year old man without Marfan syndrome was referred to our hospital for congestive heart failure due to severe mitral regurgitation. He had undergone sternal turnover with a rectus muscular pedicle for pectus excavatum 36 years previously. We were able to perform mitral valve repair via median sternotomy using a usual sternal retractor. There was no adhesion in the pericardium and the exposure of the mitral valve was excellent. We closed the chest in ordinary fashion without any problems in the fixation of the sternum or costal cartilage. There were no complications such as flail chest or respiratory failure.

Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 46:235-238(2017)

Keywords:sternal turnover with rectus muscle pedicle;sternal turnover;pectus excavatum;mitral regurgitation;cardiac surgery

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