Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol46,No5

Current Status of Cardiovascular Surgery in Japan, 2013 and 2014:A Report based on the Japan Cardiovascular Surgery Database(JCVSD) 

4. Valvular Heart Surgery

Kiyoharu Nakano*1,2 Norimichi Hirahara1,3 Noboru Motomura1,4
Hiroaki Miyata1,3 Shinichi Takamoto1,5

(the Japan Cardiovascular Surgery Database, the Japanese Society for Cardiovascular Surgery1, Tokyo, Japan, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tokyo Women’s Medical University Medical Center East2, Tokyo, Japan, Department of Health Policy and Management, Keio University3, Tokyo, Japan, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Toho University Sakura Medical Center4, Chiba, Japan, and Mitsui Memorial Hospital5, Tokyo, Japan)

Objective:To demonstrate the mortality rate and the choice of surgical procedures, especially the selection of the valve prosthesis, in each position of the valve in each age of the patients and the effects of the preoperative complications to the mortality and prosthetic valve selection, the data from JCVSD in 2013 and 2014 are analyzed. Methods:The proportion of each surgical procedure is compared in each age of the patients in the aortic, the mitral and the tricuspid position. Results:The proportion of the mechanical valve prostheses was 23.1, 40.5 and 11.4% in the aortic, mitral and tricuspid position respectively and it was higher in hemodialysis patients than in non-hemodialysis patients. The operative mortality rate was 4.3, 11.7, 15.8 and 5.6% in all cases, the hemodialysis patients, the patients with liver dysfunction and the patients with atrial fibrillation and flutter, respectively in AVR, and 4.0, 14.4, 11.2 and 4.1%, respectively in each group listed above after mitral surgery. Conclusion:These results clarify the status of cardiac valvular surgery in Japan.


Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 46:199-204(2017)

Keywords:prosthetic valve selection;mechanical valve;bioprosthesis;hemodialysis;liver dysfunction

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