Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery Vol44,No1

One Case of Mitral Valve Plasty via Right 7th Intercostal Thoracotomy in a Patient Who Underwent Right Lower and Middle Lobe Resections of the Right Lung

Shinichiro Ikeda Hideo Yoshida Keiji Yunoki and Kunikazu Hisamochi
Takeshi Yoshii and Yuji Naito

(Division of Cardiovascular Surgery, Hiroshima City Hospital, Hiroshima, Japan)

An 80-year-old woman underwent lower and middle lobe resections of right lung in 1990 and 1998 because of lung cancers. There was no recurrence. In 2009, she presented with exertional dyspnea, and echocardiography showed grade III mitral regurgitation(MR). We diagnosed with congestive heart failure caused by MR. Her chest CT showed her mediastinum was shifted to the right and her heart was in the right thoracic cavity. We performed mitral valve plasty via right 7th intercostal thoracotomy. Post-operative respiratory condition was stable and she was extubated on the first postoperative day. Post-operative UCG showed trivial MR. She was discharged on the 14th day.


Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 44:33-36(2015)

Keywords:post-lobectomy;right thoracotomy;mitral valve plasty

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