A Case of Tricuspid Leaflet Augmentation for Severe Secondary Tricuspid Regurgitation

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, San-in Rousai Hospital, Yonago, Japan)

Kimiyo Ono Hiroaki Kuroda
A 71-year old woman, who underwent direct closure of an atrial septal defect with mild tricuspid regurgitation(TR)18 years previously, suffered terminal cardiac failure with extreme cardiomegaly, mitral regurgitation and severe TR. Medical treatment gradually became ineffectual and we decided to perform surgical therapy. Mitral annuloplasty with a prosthetic ring, tricuspid valve repair, plications of extended bilateral atrium walls and epicardial ventricular pacemaker implantation were performed. In tricuspid valve repair, anterior tricuspid leaflet was augmented by use of glutaraldehyde-preserved autologus pericardial patch and tricuspid annuloplasty with addition of a slightly larger prosthetic ring. Atrio-ventricular regurgitations disappeared and she was discharged 63 days after the operation. Valve extension is a very effective technique to treat severe secondary TR, and long term follow-up is necessary.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 42:137-140(2013)

Keywords:tricuspid regurgitation, leaflet augmentation, autologus pericardial patch, ring annuloplasty, tricuspid valve repair