A Case of Vasculo-Behçet Disease Diagnosed by Right Atrial Mass and Inferior Vena Cava Thrombosis

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Social Insurance Kinan Hospital, Izumisano, Japan)

Ryohei Matsuura Nobuo Sakagoshi Kenta Masada
Yasuhisa Shimazaki
We report a rare case of 16-year-old boy who was given a diagnosis vasculo-Behçet disease after removing a right atrial thrombus. He was admitted to our hospital with abdominal pain and fever. He was underwent appendectomy for suspected appendicitis, but the appendix was normal. Additional image examinations revealed a mobile right atrial mass and inferior vena cava thrombosis, and the patient was sent to reoperation urgently to prevent pulmonary embolism. Surgery revealed the mass to be a thrombus. Vasculo-Behçet disease was diagnosed based on the patient’s history and examination data. He was discharged on the 17th postoperative day. Cardiac mass excision should be immediately considered in such cases, and the differential diagnosis of Behçet disease was important for this case.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 41:204-206(2012)

Keywords:right atrial mass, vasculo-Behçet disease