A Case Report of Left Ventricular Myxoma and a Review of Literatures

(Cardiovascular Surgery, Osaka Police Hospital, Osaka, Japan, and Present address:Higashi-Takarazuka Satoh Hospital*, Takarazuka, Japan)

Hiroshi Yamada Takuya Miura Takuji Kawamura
Satoru Kuki Shigeaki Ohtake
A 61-year-old woman underwent a regular echocardiography in October 2008 in which a mass of 1cm in diameter was pointed out in the left ventricle apex. It did not dcrease, in spite of anticoagulation therapy, and therefore we performed surgery. The tumor was confirmed on the septal side of the cardiac apex by intraoperative cholangioscopy, and it was excised through the mitral valve. It was diagnosed as myxoma on immediate intraoperative pathological examination, and we confirmed that there was no tumor remnants on the resected stump histologically. The patient was discharged on the 13th day after the operation and 2 years later she was alive without recurrence of the tumor. This is the 25th case of left ventricular myxoma in Japan. In these reports, an initial resection of the tumor in the left ventricle was performed in 23 cases and the approach methods were described in 20 cases. The evaluation of the resected stump, regardless of remaining tumor, was described in only 3 cases. There were no reports of relapse after the operation. There are many reports which emphasize the usefulness of echocardiography, which is very helpful not only in the diagnosis, but also in periodic evaluations after the operation.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 41:38-42(2012)

Keywords:left ventricular tumor, myxoma