Early Postoperative Descending Aortic Rupture Following Ascending Aorta Replacement for Acute Type A Aortic Dissection

(Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Kurashiki Central Hospital, Kurashiki, Japan)

Norio Mouri Takeshi Shimamoto Genichi Sakaguchi
Tatsuhiko Komiya
We report the findings in an 82-year-old man diagnosed with acute type A aortic dissection. Computed tomography scan showed that the primary entry site was located in the ascending aorta. This finding was confirmed intraoperatively, and emergency ascending aorta replacement of ascending aorta was performed. He subsequently died on postoperative 7 day due to descending aortic rupture. During autopsy, another entry site was found at the root of the brachiocephalic trunk with a patent false lumen, which might have led to the descending aortic rupture.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 40:302-305(2011)

Keywords:acute type A dissection, descending aorta rupture, patent false lumen