Successful Repair of a Traumatic Aortic Isthmus Pseudoaneurysm Concomitant with Right Diaphragmatic Hernia

(Division of Cardiovascular Surgery*, Division of Thoracic Surgery I**, Ehime Prefectural Central Hospital, Matsuyama, Japan, and Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, University of Tokushima Graduate School***, Tokushima, Japan)

Taisuke Nakayama*,*** Masashi Kano* Shingo Isshiki*
Takashi Tominaga* Hiroshi Ishitoya* Katsuhiko Hiratani*
Takahiro Sawada** Hirotsugu Kurobe*** Tetsuya Kitagawa***
Takaki Hori*
A 24-year-old woman underwent successful repair of a traumatic pseudoaneurysm of the aortic isthmus concomitant with right diaphragmatic hernia which developed after a traffic accident, and the steering wheel of the crashed car was considered responsible for both lesions. Due to the right diaphragmatic hernia, she could breathe mainly with the left lung only. The aortic isthmus aneurysm was considered to be a pseudoaneurysm, and because of the potential risk of rupture, we performed urgent aortic surgery. Prior to a left thoracotomy, we anastomosed an 8-mm prosthetic graft to the right axillary artery. When the left lung was collapsed in order to perform a femoro-femoral bypass, the SpO2 level of her right index finger and her cerebral rSO2 markedly decreased. Therefore, we administered additional perfusion via the right axillary artery, which provided sufficient oxygen to the upper body and brain. The patient underwent Marlex mesh reinforcement of the right diaphragmatic hernia 30 days after grafting, and is doing well 1 year postoperatively.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 40:94-97(2011)

Keywords:traumatic aortic isthmus aneurysm, diaphragmatic hernia, separated pulmonary ventilation