A Case of Pseudoaneurysm of the Left Ventricle after Patch-and-Glue Repair of Postinfarction Left Ventricle Free Wall Rupture

(Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart and Aortic Center, Aizawa Hospital, Nagano, Japan)

Hiroyuki Suzuki Toshihiro Fujimatsu Hajime Oosawa
Fumie Takai Masaki Hashimoto
We report a case of surgical treatment for pseudoaneurysm 4 years after Patch-and-Glue Repair of left ventricle free wall rupture(LVFWR)due to acute myocardial infarction(AMI)in 2004 in a 74-year-old woman, she had been followed in our hospital. And 2 years later, echocardiography and MRI showed a pseudoaneurysm at the repair spot which was growing very slowly. Since we found a thrombus in the pseudoaneurysm, a redo operation was performed in 2008. The pseudoaneurysm was successfully extirpated, under cardiopulmonary bypass. The infracted area had degenerated to scar tissue and we could suture tightly without worrying about a fissure in the wall. We can use Patch-and-Glue Repair to rescue the LVFWR patients due to AMI in the acute stage because it is possible to remove the pseudoaneurysm in the future, on pseudoaneurysm excision in a firmly infarcted area is possible in the chronic stage.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 38:323-326(2009)