Successful Surgical Treatment of Aortic Valve Endocarditis with a Pseudoaneurysm of Ascending Aorta

iDepartment of Cardiovascular Surgery, Tachikawa Medical Center, Nagaoka, Japanj

Takehito Mishima Kazuo Yamamoto Masahiro Sato
Akifumi Uehara Koki Takizawa Tsutomu Sugimoto
Shinpei Yoshii Shigetaka Kasuya
A 62-year old man was referred to our hospital with endocarditis. Although the infection was improved by antibiotic therapy, he underwent surgery because of severe aortic and mitral valve regurgitation. Preoperative computed tomography revealed a pseudoaneurysm of 20mm in diameter at the posterior wall of the ascending aorta. The non-coronary cusp was infected and there was a punched-out pseudoaneurysm at the ascending aorta adjacent to the sino-tubular junction. After resection of the aortic wall and the aortic valve, a modified Bentall operation with a composite graft and mitral valve plasty was performed. Postoperative whole body computed tomography revealed no other pseudoaneurysms. In case of endocarditis, we have to consider the possibility of aneurysm formation throughout the body.
  Jpn. J. Cardiovasc. Surg. 38:293-296i2009j